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As the world focuses on sustainability and chases net-zero goals, the energy industry is facing a new challenge: reducing carbon emissions.

Many oil and gas companies are transitioning gradually to more sustainable sources of energy.

Using cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and machine learning, we’re collaborating with them to create futuristic solutions to address this huge transformation.

Creating a better tomorrow

As energy lead for Accenture Advanced Technology Centers in India, I use data and technology interventions—from reservoir analysis and demand estimation to hyper personalization of services to the end consumer—to help companies rewrite business strategies and drive innovation. 

We’re currently working on a carbon capture and storage solution that looks at extracting carbon from the environment and directing it for use in industries or pumping it back into the earth. Solutions such as these are what will help humanity create a better tomorrow.

People are at the heart of everything

We’re focused on our people and on building a culture where everyone feels they have equal opportunity at Accenture, which allows professionals like me to carve our own unique space within the organization.

Successfully completing a program in AI and machine learning at the University of Texas gave me confidence to come up with strategic solutions at work. Recognizing this, Accenture was quick to make me the global tech lead for energy industry solutions. 

As part of Accenture, I also co-chaired a task force set up by the Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, to bring together ideas and pave a way forward for the adoption and use of digital technologies in an Indian Exploration and Production context. 

We never stop learning and innovating. Accenture regularly sponsors courses with certifications for its people. I was even able to convince leadership to sponsor industry certificates for my team members from a leading university that specializes in energy studies. This was a clear example of our commitment to continuous learning.

I recently experienced my proudest moment at Accenture, when Drilling and Exploration World (DEW), a technical-cum-scientific monthly magazine, featured me among a list of inspirational women leaders in the energy, oil and gas and engineering sectors.

Transformative change is coming

I am presently also writing a book on sustainability, to explain the concept in the simplest way possible.  I feel very strongly that our generation truly holds the key for a progressive human civilization. Our every step can determine whether future generations will survive and thrive.

Opportunities in the energy technology sector are huge and transformative. The next few decades will define the future of the world.

Ready to create impactful, long-lasting change with the work you do every day?

Join us.  


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Shridevi Bale

Managing Director and Energy Lead, Advanced Technology Center, Bengaluru, India

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