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Imagine being able to virtually interact with your favorite TV and movie characters, and even be part of the story.

Technology continues to evolve and create change. It’s transforming the world of design innovation as the further merger of our digital and physical selves changes how we interact with the world around us.

And it’s bringing deeply immersive, interactive, personalized entertainment experiences closer to reality.

Walking barcodes

Fjord Trends 2020, our predictions for the future of business, technology and design, describes how we’re becoming “walking barcodes,” leaving a physical cookie trail as facial and body-language recognition becomes more widespread.

Our faces and body language are becoming trackable, enabling personalized experiences in physical environments. What we call “living services”—sophisticated, contextually aware, digital services—will move from the digital to the real world.

We’re leveraging that kind of technology to collaborate with the world’s leading companies and help create the entertainment experience of the future.

Next-generation collaboration

As a Group Director for Fjord, our design and innovation team at Accenture Interactive, I work with our media and communications clients.

I also lead our Fjord and Accenture Interactive teams in the StudioLAB, a partnership between The Walt Disney Studios and Accenture where we explore cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things to deliver the next generation of entertainment experiences and production capabilities.

Part of my role is to help determine the types of innovation programs we pursue in collaboration with our StudioLAB partners. One of our early collaborations with Disney was exploring an interactive movie poster format to engage audiences in the cinema, as a way to help disrupt the increasing impact of streaming services on attendance.

Engaging with Dumbo

Our Dumbo interactive movie poster was our first proof of concept in creating a new form of entertainment. It allowed the audience to have fun and create a personal connection that builds on the cinematic experience. 

Using proximity detection, facial recognition and emotion detection through Microsoft Azure AI services, we created an experience where a person could walk up, be recognized by the poster and then have it read their emotion to personalize the content shown. The experience ends by producing a personalized poster you can share.

I was the project lead for Accenture, coming up with the overall concept and leading a diverse team of designers and developers, in coordination with Disney Marketing and the Disney StudioLAB team. It was a true team effort, and we pulled it off in only six weeks.

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A glimpse of what’s possible

Our Dumbo movie poster’s ability to identify individuals and their emotions is just the start of what’s possible as we create hyper-personalized experiences. It’s Accenture’s intent to explore a host of new immersive, interactive experiences through this innovative format.

Using facial recognition and technology that identifies you based on your mobile device can help us create unique experience each time you return. But just because we can uniquely identify you and serve up a surprising experience that’s unique to you doesn’t mean we should. 

Privacy and security concerns are perhaps the biggest challenges we face in providing these rich, personalized experiences. Dealing with these issues in a way that is both transparent and frictionless will be key to solving such challenges.

Interactive movie posters have a bright future with the ability to engage people in a totally new, personal way. Other technologies, such as 5G, will be key to ensuring we have the bandwidth and low latency we need to render experiences in real time. 

Diverse teams at Accenture

What I like most about working at Accenture is the breadth of knowledge and experience you can tap into across our diverse teams. When I have a question or need an expert, I can always find someone who is generously ready to lend a hand.

Passion and perseverance get you a long way when you’re pursuing a career in the digital or interactive space. There is so much you can learn by being attentive and invested.

Don’t just imagine the future; reinvent it with the work you do, every day. Find your fit with Accenture.


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Jeff Bauer

Group Director of Client Innovation

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