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I frequently get asked how my journey to the cloud started. I had a chance interaction with an Accenture recruiter more than 20 years ago as I was graduating from college—and I have been able to build an incredible career that’s taken me straight to the cloud.

I started out as an app developer and continued my technology journey into system administration and technical architecture. I eventually moved into the cloud space about 10 years ago, when “cloud” was just a new technology term.

Now, I lead the technical side of the Accenture Amazon Web Services (AWS) Business Group, our unique partnership with AWS that collaborates with the world’s largest organizations that have the most challenging, complex journeys to cloud.

From my experience, I can tell you there’s never been a better time to pursue a career in cloud—and no better place to build it than with Accenture AWS.

Cloud is transforming industries

The future is in the cloud—and we’re doing work that’s truly transforming business and even entire industries.

I recently completed a project with a financial institution that helps millions of Americans achieve their dream of owning a home. The home loan market consistently evolves and fluctuates, which means companies need to be able to react quickly to changes. We guided the client on their cloud journey, helping them establish a cloud migration approach to move and modernize their application leveraging AWS.

Migrating their application gave our client the ability to process increased numbers of loan requests at speed and scale and the ability to provide new services their customers want. It’s rewarding to know we’re helping streamline the home-loan process—and make it a little less stressful—for so many people.

We’re putting cloud first

With our Cloud-first initiative, we’re bringing all parts of Accenture together, including strategy, consulting and deep technology experience.  That tighter integration makes us more powerful—and we’re investing $3 billion to continue to grow our capabilities and assets.

The Accenture AWS Business Group is a one-of-a-kind partnership; there’s truly nothing like it anywhere else. Large, strong teams on both sides work together to drive our business, from guiding clients on their cloud journey to innovating new solutions that will give customers the value they’re looking for.

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"There’s just no better place to grow your cloud career."

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We combine the best of AWS services with the experience of more than 20,000 AWS-trained technologists and more than 10,000 AWS-certified professionals to deliver transformation at scale.

Our people gain super-deep AWS experience and get to work with and make a difference for the largest, most complex organizations in the world.

There’s just no better place to grow your cloud career.

The sky’s the limit

I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of industries, and when I started working with oil and gas clients, I needed to figure out how to run large technology simulations. I was introduced to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and I found my passion for cloud technology.

To succeed at AWS business group, really dig in. Opportunities are presented at every level, and there are plenty of ways to get involved in project work and internal development—seize those opportunities and make the best of them.

You can focus on a specific technology or industry. You decide how deep or broad to expand your knowledge. With our world-class training and certifications, you’ll have the opportunity to be one of Accenture’s more than 12,000 AWS-certified resources, and you can strive to be one of Accenture’s AWS Masters—our people who hold all 13 AWS certifications. Pick an area you’re passionate about, and focus on it.

Grow your career and your story, what you’re known for within the company. We offer the opportunity for you to carve out your own future here.

Join the Accenture AWS team, and harness the power of cloud to transform the future.


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Chris Wegmann

Managing Director – Accenture AWS Business Group

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