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The expression: “The only constant is change” may sound cliché, but in the business world, it couldn’t be truer.

Are you keeping your skills fresh and relevant to drive your career forward amid continual digital disruption?

As technology continues to evolve and businesses continue to transform, so will the world of work. The jobs of tomorrow haven’t even been created yet. And with advancements in automation and artificial intelligence, the pace of evolution will accelerate.

The key to building a thriving and sustainable career is never stop learning and building your skills.

Accenture invests nearly $1 million USD every year in training and re-skilling our people in the latest technologies of today and tomorrow. Our recruiting team is always on the lookout for candidates with learning agility, who are quick on their feet, able to grasp new information and quickly act on it.

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"When you're through learning, you're through."
-John Wooden, former UCLA men's basketball coach

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Three ways to grow your career skills:

  • Research.  Spend time digging in to your field of interest and understanding new developments in terms of automation and technologies. You can also search for online skill ontology resources to see what other skills you can pick up in relation to your field of work. It is important to know what these developments are and how they will impact your work—and, more importantly, how you can better upskill or develop your skills to keep pace.
  • Invest in learning. Learning shouldn’t be limited to certification programs, which can be expensive and time consuming. Look for online courses through sites like Coursera, Udacity or even YouTube. Thought leadership, research papers and articles are also a great source of information. Take the opportunity to follow and reach out to experts in your field to keep abreast of changes and participate in discussions.
  • Promote your skills. Update your LinkedIn profile and CV periodically with your learning progress. Even if it is not a certified program, it helps to show that you invested the time and effort in learning something new. Actively talk about your learning accomplishments during your interview. Your knowledge of new developments would come particularly in handy when asking the interviewer questions at the end of the interview.

Do work that’s transforming the world while growing your career into the New. Find your fit with Accenture.


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Vidhula Kooretti

Recruiting Associate Manager, Toronto, Canada

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