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What drives me to lead digital transformations, innovate with emerging technologies and stay ahead of the curve? My insatiable curiosity and passion for technology.

I kick-started my Accenture adventure in 2003 and over the last 16 years, I have capitalized every opportunity to work across all Accenture businesses—Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology and Operations.

Was there ever a dull moment?

Absolutely not! When you work on so many cool projects with global teams and cutting-edge technologies, you are always on your toes and motivated to blaze new paths.

Game-changing digital transformations

In 2005, when digital transformations were beginning to become a reality, I led my first large-scale digital transformation for a large bank. My team helped build its online presence, revolutionize user experience and meet the evolving needs of its customers by integrating features such as electronic billing and payment, online brokerage and account aggregation.

The roller-coaster ride of helping businesses stay on top of their game continued.

In 2015, teaming with one of India’s largest national banks, we digitized its retail banking system. In just three months, we led the whirlwind process of strategy development, sub-brand creation, branch design, technology integration, branch build, and helped the bank revolutionize the way it serves customers.

Setting the pace of innovation on fire

As my career evolved, I kept an open mind and experimented with the new and unexpected to find a path that was most fulfilling and exciting.

The thrill of innovating with cloud, data, artificial intelligence and more recently, blockchain, turned out to be rocket fuel for my career.

Undoubtedly, blockchain is one of the hottest innovations of the 21st century, given the ripple effect it has across sectors. Since the future belongs to information and data, I feel blockchain will play a huge role because of the trust and transparency it brings.

We are at the forefront of blockchain innovation. With the ID2020 Alliance, we are applying blockchain to provide verifiable digital identities to the 1.1 billion people that currently cannot prove who they are. Blockchain apps for identity can be combined with AI to monitor the environmental conditions in a refugee camp or community health information and produce insights to guide care and support.

  1. The tech dimension. Think algorithms, consensus, smart contracts, cryptography, distributed computing and so on. If this appeals to you, the role of a blockchain developer may be right. This person knows how to set up nodes, submit a blockchain transaction and trigger smart contract functions from a web page. You may also consider the role of a blockchain architect who understands the pro and cons of each distributed ledger technology codebase and designs blockchain solutions and its periphery.

  2. The business or social dimension. If you are driven by how technology can be used to make a business process more efficient or drive social change, the business or functional side of blockchain allows you to always think of practical, real-world applications. Even if you are a "non-techy", you will understand the technology and apply it to solve a business or social problem.

  3. The change-management or enablement dimension. With blockchain, you know its use case and benefits. But you can’t overlook a very critical aspect—that blockchain is all about the ecosystem. The change-management dimension allows you to bring multiple parties together and ensure everyone is in a win-win situation. It’s where various parties come together to sign legal documents.

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Blockchain is all about the ecosystem. 


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Are you ready to enter the exciting world of blockchain?

What sets Accenture apart is our industry knowledge, vendor-agnostic approach, great connections with the academia such as MIT and a strong focus on training and development.

Join a company where learning and reinventing will never stop. Gear up for the post-digital era and ride the next waves of innovation and growth. Find your fit with us today.


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Deepak Lalan

Business & Integration Architecture Associate Director, Bengaluru, India

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