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I have always considered myself a developer. I started with the BASIC and C programming languages, which gave me a glimpse of what it’s like to work with cutting-edge technology.

Over the years, I developed my skills to become a Master Technology Architect. From my first project, I’ve continuously built my expertise in cloud, digital decoupling, UI/UX development, blockchain, chatbot and machine learning.

I never stop learning and growing my career; I’m still interested in new programming languages.

I now lead our Cloud First Design and Accenture Google Business Group (AGBG) Tech teams in the Asia-Pacific region.

Small beginnings

As an Accenture analyst, my first project was to help deploy Australia’s first mobile TV solution. It was one of my most memorable projects. I remember the excitement of seeing it advertised when it was released.

Another project that stood out for me was being part of the first-ever Liquid Studio launch in Accenture, where we help companies become built for change through prototyping new technologies, skills and ways of working. My area of expertise was showing what we could do with blockchain.

I built a custom blockchain solution and showcased it to senior Accenture leaders and some C-suite clients during the event. This was during a time before the technology was known outside of bitcoin.

Deep dive into tech

As a software engineer, I’ve always wanted to become an expert in infrastructure development, so I became an early adopter of infrastructure as code and cloud native.

Learning about cloud has been an interesting journey. I started with server virtualization 12 years ago, and then advanced to cloud technologies about a decade ago. I continue to take advantage of continuous learning opportunities and stay updated with the latest cloud trends.

Today, I am an expert in cloud native and modern software architecture, including microservices and event-driven architecture. I work with amazing people who are experts in modern cloud architecture. Together, we enable clients and internal teams to leverage the best and most cutting-edge technologies for their projects.

Helping people ascend to cloud

As a mentor, seeing people climb up the ranks from a beginner to a respected subject matter expert gives me satisfaction. Aside from continuously learning about new technologies, I also want to keep growing my team of cloud experts.

To enable our junior cloud engineers to become experts, I give them the chance to get the training they need for cloud certification or Kubernetes—an open-source platform that automates container operations and management. I also put them on new and challenging projects to hone their skills.

Even if you don’t have an extensive tech background, you can still build a career in cloud. If you are keen to take the plunge, make sure you stay up to date with the latest in cloud.

Remember that technologies change and evolve quickly, so you must keep learning every day.

Learn, lead and harness the power of change. Join our cloud team.


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Matt Sauce

Managing Director – AAPAC Cloud First Design Lead and AAPAC AGBG Tech Lead, Hong Kong

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