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I love working at Accenture.

My consulting career within our Talent & Organization practice has taken me to places I never thought I’d go,  and it's provided me with experiences and memories I’ll hold onto forever.

Never a dull day

There’s no typical day or even week at Accenture.

I typically travel to see my clients, usually meaning a different city every few weeks or months, which certainly keeps life interesting. My team and I are generally on-site with the client Monday to Thursday, but Fridays are much more flexible. On those days, you’ll often find me working from home or from the Accenture office—or even a beach somewhere.

When I’m not working with clients, you might find me taking advantage of our many training and professional development events. There are always opportunities to learn and grow at Accenture as we continue to evolve with new tools, new thought leadership and new approaches to solve our clients’ challenges and guide them into the new.

I’ve prepared for mock client meetings at Talent & Organization Live, a global conference for top leaders in our T&O practice to talk about the latest trends, tools and topics in the industry. I’ve seen innovation in action at The Dock in Dublin, an Accenture Innovation Center where we use cutting-edge technology to bring the future to life.

Life-changing consulting projects

My focus at Accenture is to help clients develop and transform their employee experience. I primarily work in collaboration with financial services companies undergoing large transformations to support their people through cultural and technological changes.

I use data-driven analytics to design and execute change strategies that enable organizations to navigate these changes successfully. This includes redefining the employee experience through innovative, interactive techniques to increase the likelihood of success and maximize return on investment. It is very rewarding to help companies unlock their potential by developing their people and transforming the workforce.

Doing my job well means I need to understand my clients’ business, inside and out. Case in point: I once spent six months on a remote island off Australia, living in a tin shack as part of a mining community.

The project involved a global roll-out of a new technology system, and one site was resistant to change. So, I moved into the mining community. I talked to miners to hear their pain points and got to see the mining process and understand their point of view.

By working together with the miners, we co-created an action plan to achieve the project vision.

Navigating Accenture together

Accenture is a large company, which can seem intimidating. But you don’t undertake your career journey alone.

Accenture fosters a community of mentorship. When you first join, you’re assigned a career counselor, someone who helps you navigate through Accenture and provides guidance on your career development. As you progress through your career, you get the chance to pay it forward and be a career counselor yourself.  I currently mentor four counselees and it is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

You’ll make connections throughout Accenture, within your practice, your projects and your teams. Our team is pretty social and we host a number of cool events when we’re together. We plan team dinners, workouts and outings to Broadway shows, and we’ve even attempted wine making. 

Building a successful career, seeing the world and advising the world’s leading companies on how to improve their employee experience has been, in one word, exciting.

Grow, lead, innovate and do work that’s transforming the world, every day. Find your fit with Accenture.


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Rachael Lee

Management Consulting Manager, New York

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