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Diploma in hand, I was a freshly minted mechanical engineer from the University of Illinois when I joined Accenture (then Andersen Consulting) as a technology consultant in 1995. Back then, Accenture seemed like a place to explore, grow and learn.

Twenty-seven years later, Accenture’s not the same place.

It’s better.

So, what’s changed? Everything and nothing.

We’re constantly innovating and uncovering new ways to develop solutions to our clients’ biggest challenges. It’s that very culture that’s never changed. 

Today, I lead our global Industry & Function teams for Cloud First across 19 industries and five functions.

Defining and driving our industry-driven approach to Cloud First is a challenge and a thrill.  And the road to where I am today started on day one, as my first job out of college turned into an amazing career.

From one challenge to the next

I started as a software engineer working with global clients in the media, entertainment, high-tech and telecom industries. From living and working in Silicon Valley with one of the hottest startup companies of all time, to living in Paris building a new billing system for a European telecom company, to optimizing the supply chain for a Japanese consumer electronics company while splitting time between Tokyo and San Jose, I was living the dream.

I not only got to see the world, but also worked on projects that expanded my curiosity and my expertise every step of the way. My next stint was with Accenture Labs, helping to research and author perspectives on emerging technology and the future of business.

But it was my pivot to the healthcare industry that was the turning point of my career, which until then, was built on the twin pillars of technology and innovation. While it presented unique challenges, industry expertise was key to a scalable career.

I soon discovered a passion for healthcare as we worked on solutions and outcomes that were tangible and personal for all of us and our families. As the leader of our Health Technology Strategy and Consulting business, I worked toward transforming healthcare for future generations.

The common denominator through the transitions is (and has always been) helping organizations achieve value—faster and smarter. And today, the way to accelerate total enterprise reinvention is to simplify the complexity of moving core industry processes and customer experiences to the cloud.

Embracing the power of change with cloud

So, here I am today. When I got the opportunity to build and lead industry and function for Cloud First, I grabbed it. Our Cloud-First business enables companies to uncover value faster across every part of their business.

We are a powerhouse of talent with 124,000 Cloud-First professionals. We hold more than 114,000 certifications, combining vast industry experience with specialized, state-of-the art skillsets.

But how do enterprises get even more from their cloud investments? The answer lies in proven, industry-tailored cloud solutions. Drawing on the experience of 36,000+ cloud projects in nearly every industry, we work with our clients to build predictable, fast and secure cloud solutions.

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"To stay relevant in cloud, you must stay relevant in the technology of today—and of the future. "

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Accelerate your career in cloud

The exponential nature of technology will continue to drive demand for new and deeper skills. To stay relevant in cloud, you must stay relevant in the technology of today—and of the future. As the world moves nearly everything to cloud over time, putting on your problem-solving hat can save the day. Going forward, the need for problem-solvers and innovators will be at a premium.

Finally, it’s all about industry. Cloud teams of the future will become specialists in one or more industries. Why? Because anticipating and solving problems requires context and understanding of specific businesses, customer expectations and journeys, and the unique trends driving that industry forward.

Our people at Accenture are prepared and equipped with the skills necessary to provide industry cloud solutions for businesses. For example, we train on certain standards, such as industry data models and interoperability standards like the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) in healthcare. 

In my role, I work with C-suite leaders and their teams to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. The more transformational the change for the company we’re working with or the industry, the better.

Explore, listen and learn

As I’m about to close in on three decades with Accenture, I love this place, our purpose and our people. It’s what drives me to come to work. Excited and ready for the next challenge. 

Grow your “curiosity quotient.” Explore, listen and learn more every day. Because the future requires flexible, adaptable leaders who combine a growing base of technology and industry fundamentals with relentless curiosity to identify and solve the world’s most pressing problems. 

Join us to create lasting impact.


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Andrew Thompson

Managing Director – Global Cloud First Industry and Function Lead

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