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Seven Accenture HERoes

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How do you build an inclusive and equal culture at work?

You take tangible actions to drive change and involve everyone in the process.

Collaborating with teams from more than 50 countries to develop professional development courses, mentoring and sponsorship programs, data analysis and more, we strive to be one of the most diverse and inclusive companies in the world.

Getting to a gender-balanced workforce of 50% women and 50% men, for those who identify as such, gets us partway there.

But equality is about more than gender balance.

Equality is about opportunity.

Today, women represent 45% of our global workforce—215,000, up from 100,000 in 2013. While we are on track to reach our 50% goal, there is still so much more to do. Women in senior leadership positions are still underrepresented.

While driving equality is more challenging in some parts of the world than others, it’s my job along with great allies and role models, to champion women in business and drive change for gender diversity in the workplace.

And we have amazing people leading the charge.

Celebrating our HERoes

Seven people from Accenture were recently recognized on Yahoo!’s HERoes Role Model List who are driving change—every day.

Meet our Culture Makers who say, do and drive a culture of equality:

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Andrew Pearce

Andrew Pearce

Managing Director & Client Account Lead, U.K.

Andrew Pearce was recognized as an Advocate for women in the workplace. Andrew is a global cross-cultural lead at Accenture and is the executive sponsor for our African-Caribbean Network. He mentors women in the legal and tech industries, actively works to create an environment that champions women in the workplace and is involved with many organizations focused on advancing equality.

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Arati Deo

Arati Deo

Managing Director, Advanced Technology Centers in India

Arati Deo was recognized as one of the Women Role Model Executives, who is leading by example and increasing gender diversity at work. Arati led initiatives to promote gender equality both in and out of the workplace—from designing professional development opportunities for women at Accenture, to collaborating with clients to drive inclusive workplaces within their organizations.

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Atsushi Egawa

Atsushi Egawa

Market Unit Lead, Japan

Atsushi Egawa was recognized as an Advocate for women. Under his leadership, the representation of women in Accenture’s workforce in Japan has risen significantly. Egawa-san’s leadership has resulted in an increase in LGBTI allies, persons with disabilities and people from other countries joining Accenture Japan, creating an ever more diverse team.

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Jimmy Etheredge

Jimmy Etheredge

Chief Executive Officer—North America

Jimmy Etheredge was recognized as an Advocate for our women. He is outspoken about his commitment to equality and sponsors a program that accelerates our most senior women to P&L roles, serves as a mentor and ally for Accenture women, and actively engages with external partners and organizations to further gender equality in the workplace.

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Masumi Ichimoto

Associate Director, Program & Project Management—Technology, Japan

Masumi Ichimoto was recognized as one of the Female Future Leaders for making significant contributions in the workplace. She developed a program for working parents, which eases the return-to-work transition, sets them up to advance in a career of their choice and helps them achieve work-life balance.

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Pallavi Varma

Pallavi Verma

Senior Managing Director, Lead for Quality & Risk, U.S. 

Pallavi Verma was recognized as one of the Women Role Model Executives. She is the executive sponsor for the Planning for Success program, an Accenture sponsorship program targeting African American and Black and Latinx and Hispanic American managing directors. She also leads the Accenture Apprenticeship program in North America, which connects underserved groups, including women, with jobs.

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Shubha Polisetty

Shubha Polisetty

Associate Director and Technology Delivery Lead, India

Shubha Polisetty was recognized as one of the Female Future Leaders. Shubha leads efforts to reskill and train new mothers ensuring they have roles in technology, and focuses on retaining and re-staffing returning mothers, resulting in a drop in attrition.

These allies, champions, advocates and role models are critical for organizations to foster a culture of equality where everyone can succeed.

We are proud to have these HERoes and many more across the globe who support our goals and vision to become one of the most inclusive and diverse companies in the world.

Learn more about Accenture’s commitment to equality.


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Zoe Kibbey

Inclusion and Diversity Senior Manager, Gender and Inclusion, London, UK

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