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Alexandru Cornea: Feel Alive to the New

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If you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, you’ll usually hear professions like police officer, firefighter or astronaut.

When I was asked this question in the first grade, I said I wanted to be a Paris-Dakar rally driver. By fourth grade, I’d changed my career plan. I decided to become a software engineer.

Not many people get to say they’re living their childhood dreams as an adult. But as a software engineer in the automotive sector, I get to be both things I always wanted to be in my career at Accenture.

Living my dream

I joined Accenture nearly nine years ago, as a software programmer. In my current role as an Application Development Capability Lead for our Industry X.0 team in Romania, I oversee my team’s performance on our capability projects.

As technology continues to evolve, organizations’ needs evolve right along with it. Each day, I work with my team to meet our clients’ objectives and anticipate their needs.

We use new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and robotics to implement innovative solutions in a variety of industries, from automotive and industrial equipment to consumer goods, life sciences and utilities.

These cutting-edge technologies can make operations and processes so much easier and more efficient. For example, in airplane construction, a company might use AR or VR to train employees with time and cost efficiency. AI can help companies and people improve their daily lives, with products that respond and adapt easily to their needs.

Driving the auto industry into the future

The most interesting and exciting part of my job is being able to help reimagine—and create—the future. I have the possibility to work in the autonomous vehicles field, which is still in the research and development stage, and my decisions have the ability to influence the direction in which the industry is going.

I can try and test new technologies and propose new ideas and approaches that could solve different challenges. And I can see the results of my work in action, on a real race car.

I think software engineering and racing have a lot in common; to be successful in both, you need to be bold and always keep an open mind. Teamwork also plays an important role. As driver, you are the lead, but your co-driver represents your eyes on the road; as a software engineer, you need a full support team to deliver results.

Curiosity, engaged

My experiences at Accenture always help engage my curiosity and expand my horizons. But I always make time for my other passions, for motor sports, and I enjoy how the culture at Accenture supports me with benefits like a flexible work schedule.

I feel valued and encouraged both personally and professionally. In fact, last year when I participated at the Cluj car rally, I was completely supported by leadership.  I also receive the support I need to continue to grow my career.  

I take part in different conferences, trainings and workshops and have been invited to speak at various events. I’m able to expand my vision and develop professionally by keeping track of new trends and perspectives and meeting with new professionals in the field.

As a manager, I also have a career counseling role. I mentor my team and help make sure they have access to all the necessary training they need to continue on their desired path and build the career skills they need for the future.

Live your dreams at Accenture

No matter your level of experience, if you are passionate about technology and you want to work with meaning and add value to a field that’s always evolving, Accenture is the right place for you.

Technical skills, intensive work and ongoing training are essential for a career in the Industry X.0 space, but dedication and passion are more important than anything.

If you have passion and want to stay ahead of the curve, you will find your place and the support you need to carve out your career path.

Innovate every day and help reimagine the future of industry. Find your fit with Accenture.


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Alexandru Cornea

Digital Technology Developer Manager, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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