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It’s the age-old question for working parents everywhere: How do you balance work and family responsibilities—and do it successfully?  

Of course, there’s no “one size fits all” answer.

You’re pulled in a variety of directions at once. You want both your career and family life to thrive. But here’s the secret: With a little dedication and prioritization, you can make it happen. Our Working Mother and Dad know what it’s like to have demanding careers and growing families.

Meet Latrise Brissett, wife and mother of four and Accenture Managing Director, and Lee Moore, husband and father of two and Accenture Senior Managing Director, recipients of Working Mother magazine’s Working Mother of the Year and Working Dad of the Year awards, respectively.

From setting goals to communicating with leaders and teams, they share how they’ve achieved the best possible work-life balance

On winning the award

Latrise: Of all the awards I could have received, this one is most significant. I am incredibly humbled to be recognized by Accenture and Working Mother magazine when there are so many inspiring working parents that I admire and view as examples each and every day.  

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Latrise Brissett and family

Latrise Brissett and family

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Lee: It’s great to see Working Mother recognizing that in many cases, it is the great partnership between parents that makes the whole squad successful. I hope it shows an example of corporate success with a balanced family lifestyle. 

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Lee Moore and family

Lee Moore and family

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Reinventing the future and making a difference

Latrise: Throughout my 21-year career with Accenture, I’ve been dedicated to bringing our unique data and analytics assets to clients in the government, education and nonprofit sectors. I am currently focused on bringing analytics and automation capabilities to our public-service clients within Accenture Digital Applied Intelligence.  

I’m currently leading an engagement with a large fire department in the U.S., building a custom computer-aided dispatch application that will replace their outdated 40-year-old system. This project will do amazing things for the safety and well-being of citizens living and working in major cities and it’s a great example of the impactful work we do at Accenture.

Lee: I’ve been with Accenture for 28 years and have loved every day. I oversee the business strategy, client strategy, financial planning and execution and all people dimensions of our products-industry business across the U.S. and Canada. I get to reinvent the future with our clients in an unconstrained way—and have the support of a hugely capable workforce of nearly 500,000 people behind me to bring it all to life. 

Workplace support is critical

Latrise: We hire the best at Accenture, so being on your “A-game” is what we expect from all our employees. This can be challenging when you’re working to also bring your best at home. I’ve learned to communicate what I need and leverage my team and leadership to make it work. 

When I can, I try to take advantage of flexible work arrangements, making sure that I can be at home when I need to be. We also have projects that allow me to build relationships within the local market and make an impact with local clients versus traveling nationally on a weekly basis, which can make work-life balance challenging.

Lee: We strive for 100 percent client satisfaction—which can be demanding on time allocations and cause challenges when you’re balancing work and family life. I travel most weeks, so maximizing the impact of my time at home is essential.

We have amazing programs and a culture that supports family life at Accenture, from our formal family-leave policies to a cultural acceptance that personal needs will always come first when they need to.  

Tips for making it work

Latrise: Being clear on what you want to achieve both professionally and personally is incredibly important. Having clarity around your goals and objectives is the only way you can articulate your needs to your team and leadership. I personally try to clearly state and document my goals on a yearly basis. 

I continue to believe the goal should be work-life integration rather than balance, and because of this, my work and life objectives are integrated. I am then able to evaluate on a regular basis how I am meeting or veering away from these goals and can adjust accordingly.

Lee: Sometimes it’s necessary to ignore work and focus on family. If you’re talking on the phone as you come through the front door and don’t take the time to say hello and hug your family members, then you will get the response you deserve.

It’s the small things that matter most, from helping with schoolwork to shopping together and leaving work at the office when you’re on vacation. I am also lucky to have a great team to rely upon at work to offer support when I need to focus on family.

Find work-life balance. Do work that’s transforming the world, every day. Find your fit with the Accenture team.


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