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Unprecedented disruption is all around us—all the time, but COVID-19 hit a giant fast-forward button. And it’s bringing about a moment of truth as we confront where we are—how we live, work and interact.

A new mindset is required to fast-forward into the future at a new pace.

Watch our Technology Vision 2021 launch event on-demand and hear Paul Daugherty, Group Chief Executive, Technology & Chief Technology Officer, discuss new realities that are shaping the future and what you need to know as we move forward:

  • Human experience has forever changed. What happens when 8 billion people around the world instantaneously change their behavior? New modes of interaction become the norm.
  • Every business is a technology business. How will the role of technology going forward be different for business and careers? It will take center stage.
  • The future of work and how we collaborate is changing. How will a new reality of hybrid work bring out the best in people and enhance human potential? It will be hyper-automated and human-centric.
  • Sustainability is the new digital. How will technology be intertwined with sustainability and responsibility? It will be a key part of the new reality we need to incorporate into how we’re living and working.

Our 21st annual Technology Vision report“Leaders Wanted: Experts of Change at a Moment of Truth,” outlines how these realities are creating the need for bold, visionary leaders—those who use technology to become experts of change to define the future.

Watch the launch event on-demand, and see the five key technology trends in the Vision come to life. Five key trends we believe are the things to pay attention to as you chart your course. 

Learn more about Technology Vision 2021

Join us and drive impactful change.


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