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I’ve spent five years building a career in cloud at Accenture as a full stack developer and project manager.

In my role, I access leading technologies and cutting-edge practices in cloud computing. I also cover a wide range of projects across various industries, from industrial manufacturing to new retail.

I’m grateful to have plenty of opportunities at Accenture to learn new technologies and apply my growing skill set—opportunities I truly don’t think I’d be able to find anywhere else.

Many technologies, many industries

I’ve benefited from Accenture’s project management model, which is significantly different from my previous jobs. Here, I get to work with a variety of clients, industries and technologies. We also never stop learning.

I joined Accenture as a back-end engineer. In my first project, I used leading technologies such as Hadoop, Hbase and HiveSQL to help the client solve a complex business problem. We investigated the data volume and quality, as well as technical architecture and business scenarios of their source system and helped design personalized data-integration schemes for their customers.

Before I became a project manager, I played an important role in a big data engagement, helping the client set up their safety operation command center. Back then, I didn’t have much big data work experience, but my team members and leaders supported me all the way.

I soon realized that I needed to be more confident in myself. Now, I look at every project as an opportunity to learn something new and push myself to do more. Even if the outcome is unsatisfactory, I still learn from my mistakes. Expanding my personal and professional networks in my project work has helped me go beyond my comfort zone and keep exploring and growing.

We have a collaborative culture that encourages mentorship. When I have no idea how to deal with a challenge, I turn to my leaders, teammates and subject matter experts. I’ll discuss the problem with them and learn from their experiences, which offers me the opportunity to learn from the best of the best.

Learning through experience

Thanks to my supportive teammates and leaders, Accenture’s wide range of online training opportunities and firsthand project experience, I’ve become an increasingly capable big data professional.

So far, I’ve worked on various cross-industry projects and have had access to different technologies such as Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Vue and AngularJS. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about Alibaba’s business middle platform and data middle platform technology architecture.

Working as a project manager, I am responsible for ensuring that all work is completed on time and on budget without sacrificing quality. Customer satisfaction is always top of mind. I now have program plan design, program risk management, program cost management and demand change management in my skills repertoire.

I’ve learned to manage the project progress, demand scope, project cost and risk. My job also revolves around connecting with customers and team members, so I’ve become proficient at communication and coordination.

My dream project is being at the forefront of disruptive technologies and solutions, so I can gain new experiences and become skilled in various areas. I can’t think of a better company than Accenture to help me realize that dream.

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Yujiao Liu

Cloud Transformation & Migration Manager, China

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