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Home ownership: It’s a dream for many.

It can also be unattainable for a variety of reasons.

But thanks to organizations like the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Canada’s national housing agency, they’re making the home ownership dream a reality.

And we worked with them to help achieve their ambitious goal: ensuring everyone in Canada has a home they can afford and that meets their needs by 2030.

How? By creating a new digital strategy and complete technology transformation.

Time for change

Via its main lines of business—mortgage loan insurance, affordable housing, securitization and policy and research—CMHC supports a steady housing supply, serving local governments, lenders and developers. CMHC also plays a key role by providing borrowers with required mortgage loan insurance if they have a hard time coming up with a full 20% down payment.

But these goals were in danger of never being reached.

Outdated systems and processes prevented CMHC from adapting to the digital age, and employees struggled with siloed information and slow productivity. 

That’s where Accenture’s team of experts came in. Our people are embracing change to create value for our clients, our people and our community—from every angle

Meet the transformation team: 

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Charles led a large global team fully integrated with CMHC to modernize an IT environment with over one thousand aged software applications, which included building a new set of processing technologies on a Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This helped them create a unified view and a way to better identify products that address their clients’ housing needs most effectively. Learn more about Charles' role. 

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Laura embedded herself into the fabric of the CMHC culture and built meaningful relationships with the client. She led and supported teams in designing and implementing change management, learning and leadership alignment activities. She and her team helped CMHC employees prepare for and truly embrace the advancement in technology, processes and ways of working across their business. Learn more about Laura's role. 

When tech meets human ingenuity

CMHC worked with Accenture to create a new digital strategy and undergo a complete business and technology transformation, including:

  • Modernizing redundant software applications were modernized to a new set of technologies that can be more easily updated, built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud.
  • Implementing a new customer relationship management (CRM) platform to create a unified, single view of their client and allow them to be more responsive to a client who is interested in one product but whose needs could be addressed more effectively with another.
  • Establishing new processes to replace manual work for underwriting mortgage insurance and assessing mortgage applications for risk.

Helping people come home

Thanks to new technologies and digital tools, CMHC employees can find the right solutions for a wider range of clients, including developers and assisted housing partners. CMHC is now directly delivering these government funds to clients instead of simply transferring money to provinces and territories to funnel further.

Today, CMHC is supporting an increasing housing supply and a stable housing market—bringing it closer to reaching its goal to help everyone in Canada have a home they can afford by 2030.

Join us and harness the power of change to make a real difference in the world.


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