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Your Legacy or Your Legend?

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In today’s interconnected world, every company is a technology company.

The technology path organizations and their CEOs choose now will determine whether they will thrive in the future.

And while these leaders are determining their optimal tech investment strategy, they’re also creating a new path for careers along the way.

Our new research report, Your Legacy or Your Legend? A CEO’s guide to getting the most out of new technologies, reveals five key decision points that leaders face when they’re investing in technology.

Putting the future in Future Systems

We surveyed more than 8,300 companies across 20 industries in 20 countries to identify those getting the most out of their technology investments, and what the rest can do get on the right track.

Our research shows that most CEOs are not getting full value out of their tech investments, and that they can improve the financial performance of their organizations by getting on a path to Future Systems.

It’s a radically different approach that ensures that a business remains relevant, vibrant and successful in a constantly evolving world.

Future Systems are described as:

  • Boundaryless, blurring the lines between the IT stack, humans and machines, and organizational and industry silos.
  • Adaptable, providing scalability and strategic agility.
  • Radically human, adapting to humans and empowering them to interact with machines.

PATHS to success

We dug deeper to find out what sets leading organizations apart. The primary differentiator? The CEO’s view of the purpose and promise of technology investments.

That’s why we’ve introduced PATHS, a CEO’s guide to getting the most out of their tech investments.  

Our research revealed the five key decision points CEOs reach when they’re investing in technology: Progress, Adaptation, Timing, Human + Machine Workforce and Strategy. Making the right choices in these areas is how leaders build Future Systems—and help organizations get the maximum return for their efforts. 

Extensively applying new technologies throughout the enterprise, including artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, opens up almost limitless possibilities for transforming business processes.

CEOs must ensure that their technology investments will enable their companies to adapt to changing market conditions and business needs. You adapt to survive, but evolve to succeed.

The time for thinking about the future has already passed. To thrive, CEOs must invest in the right tech, at the right time.

Human + Machine Workforce
Recognizing that skills now rapidly reach obsolescence and job descriptions evolve faster than ever, leading organizations are using technology to make work more engaging while realizing efficiency gains. 

How a company weaves its tech investments together will ultimately determine how prepared it is to pre-empt disruption and seize opportunities.

What’s next for careers?

As companies continue to evolve to Future Systems and work toward achieving full value in their technology investments, make sure you’re ready to embrace the new skills needed to succeed.

How? By upskilling, reskilling and taking every opportunity to work with the latest, greatest technologies, and by keeping your skills future-ready for Future Systems.

We’re a many-technologies company, offering our people hands-on experience with today’s cutting-edge tech, from AI to cloud, SAP and everything in between. And our unparalleled learning and development opportunities provide unique learning experiences for the next generation of forward thinkers.

Help guide the world’s leading organizations—and your career—into the New. Find your fit with Accenture.


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