Cole Gorski and Remi Lassiter

Accenture Analysts Cole Gorski (L) and Remi Lassiter

Making the jump from student intern to full-time employee can be both exciting and terrifying.

Leadership and networking opportunities. Hands-on experience with the latest technologies (and even the chance to get certified in things like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure!)—these are just a few of the benefits of the Accenture Summer Analyst Program that can help you take the next step in your career.

Meet Cole and Remi, who started off as Accenture Summer Analysts and went on to start their career paths with our Analyst Development Programs. They share their journeys to Accenture and offer advice for those looking to do the same.

Cole Gorski

Cole Gorski

Advanced App Engineering Analyst, Technology Development Program, Chicago, Illinois

Remi Lassiter

Remi Lassiter

Consulting Analyst, Health & Public Services, Consulting Development Program, Columbus, Ohio

Life as a summer analyst

Cole: Accenture is a huge company, and it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out how to navigate it. I used my experience as a summer analyst to learn as much as possible about Accenture’s services so I could make an informed decision on where I’d like to end up if I were offered a full-time position.

The client communication skills I developed as a summer analyst are probably the most valuable things that I’ve carried with me to my consulting role.

Remi: The Summer Analyst Program did an excellent job of preparing me for my full-time role; the level of responsibility given to summer analysts mirrors that of a full-time analyst.

From interacting and building relationships with clients to developing a concept from an idea into a polished deliverable, I transferred the skills I learned as a summer analyst to my technology consulting role.

"The most helpful thing I did was contact other analysts who had started the year before me." -Cole

From summer analyst to full-time

Cole: When I first started in my full-time position, the most helpful thing I did was reach out to other analysts who had started the year before me. They’ll shoot straight with you and give personal advice on how to succeed.

Remi: I got my first taste of consulting work through the Accenture Innovation Challenge, when I won first prize and an interview for the Summer Analyst Program. From there, I was offered a full-time analyst position. The consulting work suited my wide range of interests and the company culture made it me feel like it was exactly the type of company where I would thrive. 

The onboarding experience really set me up for success. After getting through the typical HR stuff, I spent time networking with new analysts at the training center. Our training was structured like mini case competitions, allowing us to learn new skills and get acclimated before starting our first projects.

Building chatbots, working with nonprofits

Cole: I’m currently a technology analyst in the Technology Development Program. My most recent project is building chatbots and rolling out new mobile-application features for a large energy provider in the Midwest.

Remi: In my consulting analyst role in the Consulting Development Program, my work has been concentrated primarily with government and nonprofit clients in the social welfare space. My work spans many workstreams, including conducting workshops with my clients’ employees to strengthen how they tell their story and building data analytics tools to improve their operations.

Finding my fit

Cole: The Analyst Development Programs really help you figure out what you like and don’t like. After a year or two, you’ll have a great sense of what you enjoy doing and how you’ll apply your interests and skills in future projects.

Remi: Through networking events, project career fairs and monthly town halls with speakers on topics like finding a good project or getting promoted, Accenture puts a lot of effort into fostering a close-knit analyst community, which makes it easy to share and learn from other analysts’ experiences.

"Accenture puts a lot of effort into fostering a close-knit analyst community." -Remi

Analyst Development Programs

Cole: I’ve really enjoyed all the new technologies that I’ve been exposed to and the opportunities to get hands-on experience. In college, they teach you a lot about theory, but getting to use that education to build tangible products has been really rewarding.

Remi: Being an analyst  gives me the opportunity to try out multiple paths. We’re exposed to a wide a range of industries, and we work on diverse types of projects, from change management to software design to business strategy. It really helps you find your place.

Advice for career success

Cole: Find someone that does what you would like to do and schedule a one-on-one chat. The people at Accenture are great; they’re more than happy to talk with you and will likely become an ally. 

Remi: Don’t be afraid to speak up and share your ideas or suggestions that can add value to your team or your client project. Also, adopt a continuous-learning mindset. One of the best skills an analyst can possess is the ability to pick up anything and excel at it.

Innovate, every day. Find your fit with Accenture.


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