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Start the year with a look ahead at what’s in store for changes and challenges to come in the world of business, technology and design.

The Fjord Trends 2020 meta-trend theme is a major realignment of the fundamentals—a reality that brings both opportunities and challenges.

Every year, Fjord, Accenture Interactive's design and innovation practice, crowdsources trends for the year ahead from its network of 1,200 people in 33 studios across the globe. And with new studios opening in Japan and Latin America, this year’s Fjord Trends are the most globally diverse yet.

The big picture: Realigning fundamentals

Questions about the goals of capitalism... The climate crisis movement… Clashes between the tech industry and governments…

As technology continues to evolve and create change, it’s remixing the shape of money, recognizing our bodies as a form of signature and creating digital doubles.

Ready to step into the future?

Fjord’s seven trends for 2020:

  1. Many faces of growth. Organizations are facing pressure to define success in more life-enhancing ways than financial growth, and switch focus from digital to purpose.
  2. Money changers. Our experience of money is changing, including how we think of what it is and what it can do.
  3. Walking barcodes. As facial and body language recognition becomes more widespread, we’re leaving a physical cookie trail as we move.
  4. Liquid people. People no longer want to define themselves by possessions or jobs. Organizations must support customers’ and employees’ increasingly changeable desires and their pursuit of greater meaning in their lives.
  5. Designing intelligence. Artificial intelligence is entering a new phase, blending with human intelligence to empower people to cope with increasing complexity in the workplace and enhance the human experience.
  6. Digital doubles. Digital twins are evolving beyond their role as industrial tools. Brands will need to learn how to interact with our “digital doubles”—virtual home for all our data, and gatekeepers of our digital lives.
  7. Life-centered design. As our focus moves from “me” to “we,” user-centered design’s emphasis will need to switch toward design for all life.

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