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Companies big and small are evolving and adopting “Future Systems” that allow them to scale innovations repeatedly giving them the strategic agility needed to stay relevant today and thrive into tomorrow.

Our latest research “Full Value. Full Stop.” shows that leaders have a deliberate stance toward technology adoption and a clear vision for what their companies’ Future Systems should look like. They’re investing in, scaling and realizing the full value of innovation.

Are your skills future-ready as Future Systems loom larger than life?

Yesterday’s technologies are a big obstacle

We conducted our largest enterprise systems survey ever and collected data on more than 8,300 companies’ IT systems strategies, asking about adoption of key technologies, penetration of technologies adopted and organizational culture.

The survey included a review of 28 technologies and analyzed how companies apply them across 13 major business processes.

Leaders understand that investing in talent is the best way to advance Future Systems. As these systems evolve, so must the IT workforce. In fact, a workforce immersed in yesterday’s technologies is one of the biggest obstacles to creating the expansive, flexible, human-centric systems necessary for success.

Our survey respondents believe that without some retraining, 52 percent of their IT workforce’s skills and almost half (47%) of their non-IT workforce’s skills will be obsolete in three years. 

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Without some retraining, 52% of IT workforce skills will be obsolete in three years.

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Three elements of thriving Future Systems:

  • Boundaryless organizations use the cloud, have a uniform approach to data, security and governance, and have established paths for exploring unconventional business/technology partnerships.
  • Adaptable systems learn and improve by themselves, eliminating the friction that hinders business growth and helps humans make better decisions, much faster. Powered by advances in data and intelligent technologies, those with adaptable systems aren’t fazed by change.
  • Radically human systems talk, listen, see and understand just like we do, bringing elegant simplicity to every human-machine interaction.

Thanks to technologies such as natural-language processing, computer vision, voice recognition and machine learning, radically human systems are becoming less artificial and more intelligent, making them easier to interact with and more efficient.

Prepare your skills for Future Systems

As companies evolve and adapt to Future Systems, career skills need to adapt and advance, too. Three ways you can be future-ready:

  • Stay boundaryless by gaining experience in the cloud and keeping an open mind regarding integration and partnerships between business and technology.
  • Stay adaptable as you evolve and continue to learn and grow your skills gain experience across multiple technologies and platforms.
  • Prepare for radically human systems. As companies continue to innovate, they create more roles that are immersed in technology. Jobs are becoming human+ roles, and every new role created in the future will be human+ from the start.

Keep your skills future-ready with the latest technology and do work that’s transforming the world, every day. Find your fit with Accenture.


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