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I am someone who loves to learn and try new things. Working at Accenture over the past eight years, I've developed and advanced my career. 

I secured my dream consulting job at Accenture in 2010 after earning my MBA. Learning that some consultants worked on five or six different projects in just two years, I thought, “That’s the kind of experience I want.”

Today, I specialize in Talent & Organization (T&O), aligned to the Consumer Goods and Services industry. Below are a few things I've learned along the way. 

Five ways to advance your consulting career:

  1. Set your own pace. I’ve always thought, “This is my career and I want to take control of it.” I can do that at Accenture. If I want to dig deep and become an expert in a topic, I can. If I set a goal of becoming a managing director in three years, I’ll form a plan and take advantage of every available opportunity. Or if I decide to take a year to travel the world—yes, it will slow me down, but I’ll know my career will still be there for me when I get back.

  2. Embrace every learning opportunity. The great thing about Accenture is the firm’s relentless support for people to learn and to be their very best. That means unrivaled training and development and access to leading-edge technologies that prepare you for the workplace of the future, from machine learning to artificial intelligence.

    T&O Live is a great example of an Accenture knowledge-sharing event. For a full week, we bring in top leaders to talk about the latest trends and hot topics in the industry. Last year, we learned how analytics could provide data points that allow us to define change or transformation journeys for our clients and track their progress. It was absolutely fascinating!

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    Take advantage of every available opportunity. 

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  3. Get close to your clients. What’s important is that I speak to clients in a language they understand, not the language I’m comfortable with. It’s vital to understand your mutual goals. We don’t tell clients what to do; it’s about listening to them, working through a problem together.

    I love brainstorming solutions with clients, breaking down the problem into component parts by asking questions such as: How does this work? How do we get this on track? How do we bring people in?

  4. Build your network. Expand beyond your immediate circle. Build a network of people who know your brand, and who know where you want to go and what you want to achieve. If you have that brand equity, you have credibility when you ask for something.

  5. Leverage your sponsors and mentors. I’ve had a strong support network at every stage of my journey. A managing director sponsor put his name on the line to support my move into consulting. Our Global Products T&O Lead introduced me to my first global transformation program. People here, including some amazing mentors, have given me plenty of opportunities to grow, learn and challenge myself.

I now give back by coaching my team, helping others and being a role model for my community in Minneapolis. It’s important to raise your hand to help people get to where they want to be.

Ready to take your consulting career into the New? Find your fit with our Accenture Consulting team.


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Kevin Idahor

Management Consulting Senior Manager, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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