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Jesse Hanford and son outside

Jesse Hanford and son

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In recognition of National Single Parent Day in the U.S., three single parents at Accenture share why flexibility, communication and respect are the ingredients needed to be successful without sacrifice.

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Jesse Hanford

Jesse Hanford

Quality Auditing Associate Manager, Cincinnati, Ohio

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From rails to trails to tagalongs  

My 11-year-old son, Cole, loves computers, technology, theater and choir. We love spending time together exploring the great outdoors, especially the several rails-to-trails that have opened in my city, with plenty of walking paths and hiking trails.

My biggest challenge, as a single father?

Juggling work meetings and project demands along with my normal daily activities with my son. As a Quality Auditing Associate Manager at the Accenture North American Delivery Center, my team and I help ensure that clients are receiving quality technology and infrastructure outsourcing services. Our goal is 100 percent compliance.

For more than two years, I’ve been working on a project providing audit services for a major oil and gas industry client. The diverse systems and new technology offered by this client make it an exciting project to work on and a great learning experience.

The best thing about working at Accenture is the people. The supportive work culture offers me the work-life flexibility and resources I need to help me be a better father to my son. And thanks to technology, I can connect and collaborate with my team while I wait for my son to finish an activity, such as a theater rehearsal.

I am also a member of the Accenture Men’s Employee Resource Group (ERG), an internal group that’s a great way to network and learn from other members’ experiences. We recently had our annual Men’s ERG outing and when I stated that I had my son that day, I was told I could bring him along. He joined in on the fun and we had a blast!

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Jonette Jones

Jonette Jones

Software Application Development Associate, Atlanta, Georgia

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Surviving, adapting and speaking up

I’ve faced a few challenges as a single mother to my 16-year-old son, Demetrius. Although I was in the military and had some financial stability, it was not easy caring for a newborn while still performing my duties.

The biggest challenge in our lives came when my son’s father was murdered in 2014. My son just celebrated his 16th birthday and will have to journey into manhood without the guidance of his father. I’m reminded that even though we adapt, the pain of losing a parent never goes away. 

I’m now building my career in software application development at Accenture. I make time for the important things in my spare time, such as hanging out with my son, who loves to build computers, visiting family in other states or traveling to exotic destinations.

As a developer on an agile team, I build apps—not the mobile apps you see on your phone. The web applications I build allow companies to run their programs on the internet. The data for these web apps is stored in the cloud, and I also help keep it secure from potential attacks.

My first project was at the Atlanta Innovation Hub & Liquid Studio. It will forever be the most amazing because of the opportunity I had to learn so many different areas of tech, from front end web development, to building a back-end database and connecting it all thru Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

No matter where I am, I seek balance. How do I do this?

I speak up. And I’m adamant about what best serves my learning and work style and what helps me balance work and personal life.  

Expressing that point has been the most freeing thing for me and my mental health while working at Accenture. My team is extremely respectful of how we all work. It took time to get here, but we trust each other to perform and the rest sort of follows.

If you’re thinking of starting a technology career at Accenture, contact me! The reward of turning a blank screen into something the world can use—it’s nothing less than magic. If you love that, then you’ll love this work.

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Kerry Moore

Kerry More

Senior Portfolio Executive, Seattle, Washington

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Travel, flexibility and boundaries

My 11-year-old son Matthew was born in Ireland, but we moved to the U.S. when he was four. I spend most of my free time with him, going to movies or out to dinner.

Balancing a role on a global team within Accenture and being a single parent requires a great deal of flexibility. Managing call schedules and the need to travel has been challenging, especially since we moved to the U.S. and have no family here for support.

The support of friends and colleagues has been fundamental in allowing me to continue in my role and grow my career. 

I am responsible for the operations (Business Process Services) we provide to Microsoft, which includes finance and accounting, sales operations, marketing, HR and supply chain. My job is to help my incredible team to be successful both personally and for our client by providing guidance, support and removing obstacles that may be in their way.

I’ve worked on a variety of projects for Accenture, which has made the past 15 years feel like five. I love to do new things and last year helped set up a new sales operations service—800 people in five delivery locations.

Key to making it all work is flexibility.

Accenture has allowed me flexibility in my working hours, which makes it so much easier to manage all the balls in the air. The people I work with have always been supportive and helped me balance when needed.

In my initial years of being a single parent, I would try and “keep up,” not wanting people to look at me any differently because I needed to take time for my son. I learned over time the importance of communicating and setting boundaries, and I’m accepted and supported.

Bring your whole self to work and do work that makes a difference, every day. Find your fit with Accenture.


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