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November 05, 2018
Want to boost your cloud economics? Look beyond the commodity play.
By: Campbell Abbey

Remember when cloud computing/data center outsourcing was mostly a commodity play about cost-cutting?

Today, companies that are still taking a limited, lift-and-shift approach are often experiencing challenges and disappointments—from operational complexity to reduced availability to underperformance. To Accenture, these lessons say very clearly that the cloud is not about driving toward the lowest common denominator.

In fact, value-added cloud managed service offerings from providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) can enable a business to transform the way it architects applications native to the cloud. Companies can now be bolder and even reboot their cloud strategy.

Real (big) benefits

Accenture is working with clients, supported by the Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG), to more fully leverage AWS foundational services and change a company’s set of cloud economics. We have seen this approach deliver a host of important benefits:

  • Companies can save up to 56 percent on the bottom line for enterprise applications hosted in AWS by using AWS management services and appropriate architecture patterns.

  • Moving up the AWS stack and adopting platform services that automate delivery of AWS platforms can reduce the cost to serve by nearly 80 percent.

  • Companies can improve their top line by increasing time-to-deliver by 95 percent and improving the quality of the delivered platforms by 75 percent. This speed and frequency to deliver, along with the quality improvement, are directly correlated to employee effectiveness, resulting in improved customer satisfaction scores.

  • Adopting a fully cloud-native application architecture can result, on average, in reducing time-to-deliver by up to 90 percent and generating a staggering 99 percent reduction to the bottom line.

  • Improvements in security, resilience and compliance are significant, with overall reductions in outages and security-related incidents, which can also result in better customer retention.

The economics of #cloud tell a powerful story. By applying an #AWS-driven mindset, clients unlock a host of benefits: #reInvent.



Help in navigating the journey

To become effectively “cloud mature,” it’s important to move beyond thinking of AWS as a mere commodity data center provider and focus more on how best to consume AWS’s application services and architecture patterns to help move towards a more cloud-native architecture. There is value in re-thinking the way to consume and manage infrastructure within AWS, a way that can result in a substantial improvement in ROI.

To offer insights and guidance, Accenture has recently published a paper, “Unleashing the Power of Amazon Web Services with Accenture.” It highlights the vast array of available AWS services and native management tools and discusses how best to leverage those services in support of an application portfolio migration to AWS.

The paper focuses on unleashing the power of the AWS platform to drive innovation and better business performance. It also explores the various cloud-native methods and models that we recommend considering when planning to leverage AWS services to increase value.

At the upcoming AWS re:Invent 2018 conference, Accenture will be putting these ideas into action with an “AWS Innovation Experience,” showcasing how Accenture innovates to unlock value and drive growth. The Experience includes demos and stories showcasing our end-to-end capabilities for AWS, helping enterprises transform and pivot to the new so they can operate intelligent businesses.

Please click here to download our paper. We look forward to your feedback and to seeing you at the conference."

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