Emma Driscoll
Summer Analyst, University of Delaware
August 08, 2018

Building Bikes and My Future Career as an Accenture Intern


My time in the Accenture Summer Analyst Program has been an amazing experience that’s prepared me for my last year of college—and my future career. It also opened my eyes in some unexpected ways.

During my 10 weeks, I learned many valuable lessons that I can apply not only in work, but in life. Through the entire summer, two experiences will stick with me most: our day of community service and the Student Leadership Conference.

When a bike’s not just a bike
Within the first few weeks of our internship, my fellow summer analysts and I were given a day off to give back to the community. On our day of service, we built 84 bikes for foster children at a local community center in Harlem, New York through the awesome organization, Together We Rise.

When I arrived, I thought, “This is great; we’re building bikes for kids to have fun with this summer.” Although that was partially true, it actually meant so much more. Before we began the project, a woman from the organization thanked us for helping them build the bikes and told us how important they are to these foster kids.

She explained how for some, this would be the first bike they would learn to ride on, but for the older kids, it would likely be their only mode of transportation to school or even work. And although building something for a kid to have fun with was already a great thing to do, knowing that this could now make for an easier trip to school or work made it all that much more meaningful.

Small group, big impact
Our small group of just 87 analysts were doing something to help others. But it’s amazing to think of the difference that nearly 500,000 people of Accenture make every year during this day of service.

While Accenture is a large company and making an incredible impact around the world through corporate citizenship efforts, it’s important to have days like this within your own community, too. My day-of-service experience, getting hands, really made my time at Accenture so much more valuable than it already was.

Learning to lead
Later in the summer, we headed to Chicago for the Student Leadership Conference, where all the rising seniors in the program come together for one weekend. We are placed on teams with other analysts from offices across the U.S. and Canada to participate in different activities.

Big Group

For three days, we are surrounded by hundreds of young people from all different backgrounds and interests, all part of the same company—which is a cool thing. The weekend provides an opportunity to get to know people you could potentially be working side by side with in the future, and it gets you out of your comfort zone with the opportunity to make a new friend—or even hundreds of new friends.

I learned so much that weekend about Accenture, but even more about the people. I looked around me and no two people had the same story; I learned something new from each person I met. I also gained insight into Accenture’s national and global reach.

It’s all about the people
During orientation, I remember everyone talking about how Accenture has the best people, and I’ve learned that it’s completely true. Not many people can say they’re able to work and engage with people at all levels of a company, especially during an internship. I’m happy to have been given the opportunity to work with such smart, amazing people at both the intern analyst level, as well as company leaders who are so welcoming and eager to help us learn.

I will forever remember everyone I’ve met and learned from during this program; it’s an experience that I will take with me for life. Thanks to my time at Accenture and in New York City, I’m ready to take on my senior year—and whatever comes next.

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