Johannes Weinert headshot
Johannes Weinert
Technology Consulting Manager, Accenture in Switzerland
May 02, 2018

Build Your Network. Build Your Career.

If your career goal is to get promoted—and fast—how can you attain it? 

I got promoted during my first year at Accenture, thanks to hard work and a relentless, self-driven attitude. I also focused on a vital element: Building and maintaining a good network.

When I first joined the company, I had a few years of experience, and I understood the importance of taking charge of my own career. I didn’t wait for anyone to hold my hand. One of the first things I did while waiting to get assigned on a full-time client project was to invite all the senior managers on my team for coffee. They were surprised, but impressed that I had taken the initiative. Through this “meet and greet,” I widened my circle, so I would be remembered if any exciting projects came up. I quickly learned that my network was my biggest asset.

I started in the role of Technology Consultant, and I was hungry for growth. I knew there were boundless opportunities for development and career progression at Accenture, and I wanted to utilize them. I sought help when I needed it, and got involved in a variety of projects to expand my knowledge.

Mentoring is essential for growing your career, and I proactively searched for the Accenture career counselor who could support me with my goals. It paid off, as I found someone who was right for me and who challenges me to excel. I know he expects the best from me, and that motivates me to do more and to do better.

My efforts were recognized. Within my first year, I was promoted to Technology Consulting Manager. One of the best things about my new role is having the freedom to independently drive things as I see fit. At the company where I previously worked, there was a long chain of hierarchy. I was told what to do without consultation or input. Our teams at Accenture are expected to voice our opinions, so that together, we develop the very best solutions. And with my flexible working conditions, I feel more in control.

Being at Accenture has not only allowed me the opportunity to grow and voice my ideas; it has also given me a platform to drive change. Through identified business opportunities, I’ve helped to expand our presence with clients. Accenture is not just a technology company; I enjoy highlighting the breadth of our capabilities. I love that the culture at Accenture allows us to make recommendations and help drive growth.

To unwind, I play golf—which may seem an odd pastime for a Swiss. But golf is a good networking sport. I can meet clients or colleagues on the course, and when I next meet with them in a work environment, I’ve already established a relationship. Finding that common interest helps people remember you.

My strongest advice to consultants looking to drive their experience forward: Put yourself out there, and consciously cultivate your network. It need not be over a round of golf; just a cup of coffee will do.

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