June 01, 2016
Bring the Value of Legacy Applications Forward
By: Michael Evans

As I head to the airport via Uber this morning, reviewing the status of the airline and hotel reservations I made on my phone, a random thought hits me: “When did this technology, this digital business capability, become a normal part of my life”? It is suddenly so easy to connect and transact with my phone – check and respond to messages, search and order flights, hotels, taxis, music, books, etc. “Doesn’t it seem it was just yesterday all we used the phone for was taking calls”? Our daily lives have entered into a software driven economy era where we expect to seamlessly access what we need at our fingertips or simpler yet, our voice.

The Accenture Liquid Studio was established to help companies who find themselves in this rapidly evolving environment businesses suddenly scrambling to ensure they don’t get left behind as modern companies like Uber, AirBnB, Amazon, Netflix, and others disrupt established markets with their software driven innovations. At Accenture, we established our Accenture Liquid Studio to provide a path for businesses to leverage similar software and process innovation used by these disruptors – DevOps, lightweight architectures, rapid prototyping, design thinking, etc.

This new digital business world sounds exciting and exhilarating – and yet, a big question and concern comes from our clients. “But, what about all my legacy applications serving my business today? How do I move them onto this new software driven economy”? This is where the Liquid Studio and our Custom Application Migration Services (CAMS) comes in. At the studio, we work with our clients to use intelligent automation to modernize their legacy applications bringing them onto new architecture platforms and migrating to virtualized cloud infrastructure to take advantage of the rapid application development conducted at the studio and to join in the digital business world.

In the application modernization market space, moving from monolithic mainframe legacy applications written in a language like COBOL or moving from a later stage object oriented language like PowerBuilder to the lightweight architectures used by the disruptors requires a well-thought out engineering approach to ensure the valuable business logic is carried forward and mapped onto the new technology. With CAMS, we provide intelligent automation customized for each legacy application migration type, e.g., taking a Claims processing User Interface program written in PowerBuilder and re-architecting it to a program written in AngularJS with Bootstrap.

As the business markets and technology solutions evolve, we provide an extendable tooling approach to enable clients to apply new transformations for their legacy applications. CAMS is integrated into the Liquid Studio suite of services to provide clients with a clear path to transform their legacy applications into the future ready applications and take advantage of the digital business evolution being conducted daily at the studio.

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