Tom Gowing
Tom Gowing
Senior Manager, Accenture Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, London, U.K.
October 03, 2018

We’re Breaking the M&A Mold at Accenture

An apple in a group of oranges

Sometimes, a lean global business model leads to bigger business ideas.

We have the latitude to be entrepreneurial in the way we approach mergers and acquisitions (M&A) assignments at Accenture. Our core team is comprised of dedicated M&A experts who can work across the deal lifecycle, and we supplement that with industry, functional or technical experts from across the broader Accenture business.

Our approach is also more holistic; we don’t split pre-deal and post-deal work into different teams. This ensures that our pre-deal analysis is grounded in the realities of “getting stuff done” in the implementation phases of a merger.

Entrepreneurial thinking is encouraged
We’re constantly challenged to collaborate with other parts of Accenture to create new and improved ways of supporting our clients in the M&A arena. For example, we recently partnered with our ZBx (Zero Based Mindset) team to look at how using ZBx cost-control methods in an M&A context can accelerate synergy identification and achievement for our clients.

As strategists, we’re encouraged to drive Accenture’s thought leadership through forums like BizTech Bytes, a space where we share the latest, most impactful topics affecting business and technology.

Learning from both sides
I enjoy that balance of working on both pre- and post-deal M&A projects. Each brings a different kind of challenge. Commercial due diligence and synergy assessment projects are high-intensity blasts of work that get under the skin of the target business and take a view on the key areas of value creation for a buyer.

Integration planning work is typically a longer-term engagement, but it gives us a chance to work closely with the leadership of the businesses. We use this time to make sure they’re positioned to rapidly drive value from the transaction, while minimizing the risks to their day-to-day business.

Working across both engagement types is a win-win. Our clients get due diligence and synergy assessments that are pragmatic and grounded in reality. For us, as consultants, it’s a chance to see how the insights and analysis highlighted during due diligence play out post-acquisition.

Opportunities across the globe
We cluster our M&A consultants in 12 “hub” offices around the world, usually corresponding with the largest financial hubs in a given region. The bulk of large M&A deals these days involve a global footprint or are cross-border in nature. This model creates plenty of international opportunities for our teams.

Throughout the last 10 years, I’ve spent more time on overseas projects than on U.K.-based assignments. As someone who’s passionate about travel in my personal life, it’s great that the role offers opportunities to expand those horizons further still.

A small (but mighty) slice of a large pie
M&A might only be a small part of the Accenture portfolio, but having the “might” of the rest of the business behind us is the embodiment of “standing on the shoulders of giants”. There are very few questions a client could ask me where I wouldn’t be able to reach out to a colleague elsewhere in Accenture for an expert viewpoint.

We’re leveraging Accenture’s power in digital and technology to improve processes or better digest information. We can take huge datasets and lean on our analytics teams to gain quick insights. In post-deal integration, we’re using our cloud-based integration planning tool, the M&A Aviator, to do a lot of the heavy lifting and to provide a platform for collaboration with our clients.

Be entrepreneurial, embrace learning and see the world. Apply now to join us and experience the new M&A.

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