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May 29, 2018
Jump-start your customer experience journey with Salesforce Lightning Flow
By: Boopathi Sabanayakam

Transformative customer experience

In the pursuit of the best customer service, many companies are venturing into omni-channel services, advanced analytics, lucrative loyalty programs and more. That’s good, but it’s not enough. What people really want and expect is a great Customer Experience (CX).

Harvard Business Review studied the value of customer experience in transaction and subscription-based businesses and found the effect of good CX can be massive. In fact, the business results are so compelling that Gartner calls CX “the new marketing battleground.”

So, what makes a great CX?
Customer experience addresses elements such as engagement, emotions, perceptions and expectations. The challenge is to orchestrate all these elements into a complete view of the customer, via hyper-personalization.

Organizations that master this art will become leaders; electric car maker Tesla is one example. When Florida residents were fleeing Hurricane Irma last year, a Tesla owner called the company expressing concern about whether his battery had the capacity to get him out of danger. Based on this one call, Tesla pushed out an automatic software update to owners in the area extending the battery capacity, which extended the range of its vehicles. This extra battery capacity can be added for an additional fee when the cars are purchased, but Tesla waived the fee in the interest of safety—and in the interest of great CX. This exemplifies Tesla’s willingness to be proactive and hyper-relevant to customers and to provide all the essentials of great CX: personalization, engagement and—because timing is important—the willingness to cater to increased customer expectations at precisely the right time.

The new CX enabler: Salesforce Lightning Flow
Thanks to ongoing digitalization, most customer interactions are now fueled by business processes—but many of those processes remain siloed, preventing organizations from obtaining the 360-degree customer views that great CX requires. And while that view is critical, it’s not enough. It must be accompanied by extensive personalization, integration and automation across multiple functions like sales, service and marketing. Only then are companies positioned to meet and exceed growing customer and employee expectations.

While there is no “one size fits all" solution to meet this demand, Salesforce Lightning Flow applies artificial intelligence and process automation in a declarative manner to accelerate and enhance the transformation to great CX.

@Salesforce #Lightning Flow applies #AI to accelerate & enhance transformative #CX


Powered by two tools, Process Builder and Cloud Flow Designer, Lightning Flow makes it easier for non-technical business people to create business processes that help their organizations treat customers and employees precisely the way they want to be treated.

How can Salesforce help in your CX journey?
Lightning Flow combined with the intelligence of Salesforce Einstein empowers businesses to leverage the customer 360-degree view to provide a seamless and contextual hyper-personalized experience for customers and employees across omni-channel touchpoints.

This can help companies:

  • Provide a rich, guided, visual experience by executing business processes as goal-oriented instead of task-oriented. As an example, this can make mortgage applications easier by helping to collect and input the data needed to complete the application. This kind of intelligence can also help by grouping mortgage application questions more logically, which reduces the frustration that often comes with filling out tediously long forms.

  • Automate the connection of back-office systems and data flows using platform events, local actions and external services.

  • Embed and connect processes anywhere in employee and customer experiences, including sales, service consoles, self-service communities and apps.

  • Automate the recommendation of Einstein-powered next-best actions (NBAs) to provide pre-emptive and hyper-relevant CX. Think about some of the online shoe retailers: If you buy athletic shoes, the next selling recommendation wouldn’t be for socks that would be worn with dress shoes, it would be for socks appropriate to athletic shoes. Or home improvement stores: Order floor tile from its website and it may automatically offer you the right mortar mix and trowels you need to install that specific type of tile—or link to do-it-yourself classes at a nearby store. That’s relevancy.

For Lightning Flow and Einstein NBA, the possibilities are limitless
If a customer working through a company’s self-service system gets stuck, Lightning Flow can understand the context and proactively come to the rescue with an e-mail or a link in a chat window.

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations can leverage the process automation of Flow to schedule appointments. Then, the intelligence of Einstein may make an NBA recommendation that can enhance the experience—maybe recommending shuttle pickups for a pregnant woman, or offering parenting programs. Part of the success of these NBA actions is the timing: When it’s right, customers are pleased. And so are employees, because it makes their job easier and more rewarding: For example, when an agent is dealing with a customer, the agent can have all the history of the customer’s reactions and all the NBA data instantly available on her or his screen—no need to tab through multiple screens.

For energy companies, the NBA may include helping home buyers make their new homes more energy efficient, based on the size and type of construction and the geographic region.

And the list goes on. In fact, the possibilities appear nearly endless. So, take your own "next best action" and embark on the journey to great CX.

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