May 17, 2017
What is the best way to #beoperations? Just #beyourself
By: Accenture Recruitment


Accenture Operations is a global team made up of 125,000 individuals around the world—and it is growing every day. The rallying cry of #beoperations encourages people to use their individual talents, interests and perspectives to help shape Accenture Operations in the new.

Are you wondering what it’s like to work in Accenture Operations? We asked our teams about the different ways they are choosing to #beoperations. Here’s what we heard:

#beoperations means bringing your best self to work you do

“When Chennai was devastated by a flood, four of our business leaders were immediately offline, which meant I needed to make decisions that cared for our people and protected the needs of our clients and our business. The leadership supported my decisions completely.” —Anupta, Bengaluru, India

“I joined Accenture Operations right out of college. During my second client project, I saw some opportunities to save the client and us time and money. My leaders knew the client was resistant to change, but supported me and let me present my ideas directly. The client agreed and ended up happy with the savings I uncovered.” —Josh, New York

#beoperations involves being part of a big, global team working toward the same goals in different ways

“Everyone says they like Accenture because of the people, but it’s really true. I have met so many great people—both here and at client sites—and continue to learn and grow because of the relationships I have. I love knowing I can ask a question of our global team and get good answers from all other the world.”—Billy, New York

“I am on a team that is spread all over the world. We are used to working remotely, but I also get to travel from the U.K. to the Czech Republic and India to meet with team members there. I love the opportunity to learn about different cultures.” —Sarah, London

#beoperations leaves time and space for you to be other things as well.

“Balance is a big thing for me. I am clear about when I am not available because I am with my family. I took full advantage of paternity leave. It’s good for me and for my family but also sets an example for my team that the benefits are there and you should take use them.” —David, Philadelphia

“I am a Mexican-American born and raised in Chicago. I joined Accenture right out of college and met my husband here. We had an opportunity to live in work in Bangalore, India for a year and jumped at the chance to experience a different culture. It’s been four and a half years, and we are getting ready to go home, so grateful for this chance to travel and live in a different part of the world.” Valerie, Bangalore

#beoperations invites you to a team that knows the power of working together to win in the new. Find your operations career opportunity.

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