June 15, 2017
Balancing for success

When I joined Accenture in 1997, Y2K was hot and I was one of the few who worked on client/server technologies. That was exciting, but of course, technology is always changing, so I have to stay up to date. It’s like working for a new company every year. Today, I’m excited about APIsand ">AI, and I lead a group that’s in charge of the software big companies use to run their businesses.

I went into a STEM field because I was exposed to technology and building things as a child. My father was in the business of agri-industrial machines, and I have three older brothers, so my playtime often included toy trains and cars. I was always exposed to working with machines of one kind or another, and I had an interest in figuring out how to make them work.

I’m glad I went into software because there’s no limit to what can be done — your mind is your playground. Working in technology at Accenture is great because people are always willing to help. I’ve been able to grow my career because I had mentors who called out my strengths and kept me honest about areas in which I needed to improve. Today, I bring my perspective as a wife, mother of four, employee and manager to the table to mentor others.

For those who face the challenge of “making it all work,” my best tip for work-life balance is to focus on your priorities and accept that you can’t do everything. My husband, who also works at Accenture and is my strongest supporter, reminds me I don’t carry the world on my shoulders. My advice to women considering a technology career at Accenture is that it’s great place to work. We focus on outcomes, and there’s leadership support for flexible work schedules, so you can balance your work and life priorities while you build your career.

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