November 30, 2016
Bigger ventures, greater horizons
By: Chris Wegmann

The world of technology is in the midst of a revolution, and there is no better place to see this revolution in action than at AWS re:Invent. I am proud to say that Accenture is front and center of this revolution, however all of us are only at the very beginning.

Technology, like many key elements of doing business, is a dynamic, fluid, constantly evolving enterprise. For organizations to succeed in today’s climate, they must be adaptable, flexible and ever-vigilant. And, to a large degree, they must be willing to embrace risk and tolerate failure.  It was clear this week that every company the present at this conference are showing other how they are doing this with AWS.

This vital but unpredictable business environment is why Accenture takes an evolutionary, forward-thinking approach to business technology. Demonstrating this commitment to keeping pace with ever-changing needs, we’ve continue to invest in our AWS offerings we have built with AWS via our Accenture AWS Business Group and continue to develop new ones based on our customers’ needs.

As we continue to invest, our mission of the AABG remains the same, we want to help our customer get the most of their investment in AWS by speeding their migration to AWS, ensure they build a secure environment and get the most out of their investment.  At the end of the day, our customers need to increase their agility, security and scalability.

Cloud is not the future, it’s already here.  More businesses are finding that the sooner they adopt cloud technology, the better positioned they’ll be to compete in an increasingly aggressive and briskly-paced marketplace.  We’ve heard from companies that are all on different steps in their public cloud journey but it was very clear that all of them are committed to the journey and are see the benefits from it.

Since we launched the Accenture AWS Business Group in 2015, we’ve trained 2,000 Accenture technologists and earned 500 AWS Certifications and that number grows every day. We’ve helped many clients migrate to the cloud and accelerate innovation by taking greater advantage of as-a-Service operating models, they include Hess Corporation, that spoke at re:invent this year, Avalon, Mediaset, and Talen Energy to name a few.

At Accenture, we’re proud to have received coveted recognition AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner for four years in a row across various regions around the world. To date, we’ve earned a leading 8 AWS competencies and recognized as an AWS Managed Service Partner, for such capabilities as recently announced Financial Services and IoT competencies in addition to Migration, Mobile, Big Data, Government and others.

To continue our path toward excellence, the Accenture AWS Business Group has committed to creating new offerings for application transformation services and security as part of its focus for the next year, while continuing to enhance other solutions and services, including:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions, integrated with AWS—Blending Accenture's industry-specific IoT expertise with AWS cloud infrastructure and business services to help clients achieve greater operational insights and efficiencies.

  • Transformation Services, optimized for AWS—Helping clients move their existing applications to AWS and develop new applications quickly, economically and securely.

  • Analytics and Big Data Services, powered by AWS—Including a Hitrust-certified insight platform to integrate with AWS data and analytics, designed to manage end-to-end data for highly regulated businesses.

Additionally, we’ve integrated enhanced cloud management capabilities of the AWS Cloud into the Accenture Cloud Platform (ACP), an open and scalable multi-cloud management solution. Accenture has enabled ACP to work across all AWS regions and datacenters to centralize cloud governance with analytics, cost controls and policy management, effortlessly complementing AWS Cloud capabilities.

At Accenture, our deep and broad experience has shown us that operational agility is fast becoming the top business priority for companies migrating to the cloud—surpassing even cost savings. Companies that want to achieve the type of agility they need to compete and succeed in today’s business climate are adopting a cloud-first approach along with a robust ecosystem of cloud solutions. We look forward to continuing to help organizations speed their journey to the cloud, maximize their existing investments and delivering increased value faster with lower risk using our ever-increasing array of tools and skills.

Find out more about our presence at AWS re:Invent.

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