February 15, 2017
Authenticity leads to opportunity
By: Barbara, Business and Technology Delivery Architect Specialist, Accenture Technology, Hungary, Budapest

In this short blog, Business Analyst Barbara talks about the opportunities Accenture Technology provides to advance—by being yourself and leveraging mentors.

I joined Accenture as a test team coordinator for a SAP project in 2014. I’m currently working with legacy vendors as we determine leading data migration tools and methods for a SAP system and legacy integration rollout that helps them implement new technologies sooner. I think this is one of the most innovative sectors to work in, so I feel like my knowledge is up to date and my work experience is extremely valuable.

Beyond the ability to continue to hone my technical skills, I’ve found that Accenture offers an environment where you can thrive as an individual. There are policies and rules to help ensure we have an equitable, diverse workplace, but you’re free to authentically be yourself rather than conform to a corporate culture. There’s a real opportunity to be unique and use your own methods here. Accenture has let me develop my own way of working with clients and managing my team. Getting positive feedback on my approach to engaging clients and colleagues has been a key factor in my career here: I started to feel more self-confident in every situation, so I was able to make decisions more effectively and better lead my team.

Mentoring has also been key to my career development. It’s not an official job or position for Accenture employees; rather, it’s something that’s an important part of ensuring new employees are successfully acclimated to the company and have a great opportunity to succeed. When your supervisor sees the advantages of your approach, he or she will encourage you to continue. As you do, you’ll start developing relationships, and the career advancement opportunities will soon follow. Some of the best advice I received from a mentor: Stay calm in situations where others are nervous and the client will realize how effective you and your problem-solving skills are.

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