July 31, 2014
Ask Questions. Be a team player.
By: Accenture Recruitment
Gee Bee

Accenture's three-year Student Empowerment Program (SEP) provides internships to minority students interested in careers in business and technology. In this Q&A, Oluwagbeminiyi "GeeBee" Ajaiyeoba--an SEP intern in our Columbus, Ohio office--shares some valuable lessons for future interns and full-time hires.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I'm a senior majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Ohio State University.

Q: What was your introduction to Accenture like?

A: My journey started with a pre-orientation networking brunch in the Columbus office. Interns, re-hires and new hires all mingled with current employees, who gladly shared anecdotes, answered questions and gave advice. I seized the opportunity to listen, learn and network. A few weeks later, there was a three-day new joiner orientation, to equip us with the basic knowledge and tools required to transition into our different roles. I learned a lot, including what the “Accenture culture” really means. After the on-boarding process, I reported to my new team.

Q: Any lessons learned that you'd like to share with future interns and new hires?

A: First, ask questions. You can never go wrong by asking the right questions. And always be a team player.

Q: What other impressions have you formed about Accenture so far?

A: Accenture leverages the intellectual capital of its employees to meet the needs of its clients. Different teams draw strength from the diversity of their members and work together to achieve business objectives.

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