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March 19, 2019

Are Your Skills Ready for a ‘Human+’ Workplace?

Are Your Skills Ready for a ‘Human+’ Workplace?

Digital transformation is underway in all aspects of business, and the workforce is no exception.

Welcome to the era of the “human+” worker, where today’s employee is leveraging the latest technologies to reinvent existing roles and find new, innovative ways to adapt and thrive in the post-digital era.

The ‘human+’ workforce
The 2019 Accenture Technology Vision outlines this new human+ workforce, in which each person brings his or her individual talents and knowledge to a job, along with a constantly growing set of technological capabilities.

As companies continue to innovate, they create more roles that are immersed in technology. That means leveraging the latest, most cutting-edge technology in the workplace and fostering a culture of continuous learning to support the next-generation workforce.

Roles of the future
Becoming human+ has expanded the capabilities of the workforce beyond what companies could have imagined just a few decades ago. Organizations can draw on a workforce with a constantly evolving set of capabilities to achieve innovation on a grand scale.

Today’s jobs are becoming human+ roles, and every new role created in the future will be human+ from the start.

Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI identifies eight new “fusion skills” that are imperative for success in an AI workplace, drawing on the blending of human and machine talents within a business process to create better outcomes than when each works independently.

  1. Rehumanizing time

  2. Responsible normalizing

  3. Judgment integration

  4. Intelligent interrogation

  5. Bot-based empowerment

  6. Holistic (physical and mental) melding

  7. Reciprocal apprenticing

  8. Relentless reimagining

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