March 30, 2017
Architecting a rewarding career in technology
By: Clark, Senior Technology Architect, Accenture Technology, Philippines

During my 20 years as a technology architect, I’ve developed a simple analogy to explain what I do. Just as a great residential architect can design your dream home, great technology architects create technology solutions that reliably meet clients’ needs, using the most effective tools. My tools now are mostly Oracle Cloud technologies, and I love how they enable me and my team to create awesome stuff at virtually the speed of thought.

At Accenture Technology, innovation is at our core. This has been ingrained in me since the day I joined, and it has shaped how I perform and how I mentor my team. What drives our innovation isn’t technology alone. It’s also the way everyone brings a unique perspective to the technology we use. We have a diverse set of minds all geared toward building the right solutions for our clients.

The perspective I bring is practicality. I like shiny, new technologies as much as the next person, but I won’t recommend a specific technology to a client if it isn’t practical for them. It’s my role to help our clients navigate the complex technology landscape to find solutions that align with their business objectives.


The best career decision I’ve made was taking on a global role focused on enabling New Tech. I love working in technology, and even at this level, I can still get my hands dirty and architect my own cloud environments. I see my work being applied everywhere, from projects for our Fortune 100 customers to the applications we use internally every day. Recently, my team and I architected and developed a New Tech application to help workers build their skills proficiency. That app now has 6,000 users. It was the first to fully use the Oracle Platform Cloud, and we delivered it in less than three months.

I truly believe I work with the best team. We have a diverse group of people with a broad range of technological and business domain knowledge, so we can deliver the full stack of technology under one platform to Accenture’s global customers. On top of that, it’s the ultimate treat to work with team members in different countries. International collaboration allows us to bring the best of the Accenture world to our clients.

Read more about Clark and his Accenture Technology colleagues. Ready to explore a world of New IT possibilities? See all the current openings at Accenture Technology.

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        sheikhnadia • February 12, 2019

        I joined, and it has shaped how I perform and how I mentor my team.

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