October 03, 2018
Applying a growth mindset in business environments
By: Carole McCabe

A Downpour of Resignations

It has been a week since your company’s annual review cycle, and human resources has been flooded with resignations. As the delivery manager at Pronto Recruits, you are worried that the company will struggle to meet its client commitments with the loss of some key employees.

As you investigate the reasons for the resignations, you find that most employees feel the company values only a few star performers. The culture is also extremely competitive, with little cooperation between employees, and there is a fear of making mistakes. In addition, there is a perception that there is little upward mobility, so the only way to progress is to leave for another position.

As the delivery manager, you must find a practical solution to this situation so that the rate of attrition decreases and your bottom line does not suffer. You must work to ensure that the company has a conducive environment focused on growth, performance, and learning. After researching and talking with colleagues, you find that a growth mindset will not only help employees feel more valued but also improve the performance of your company. You decide you need to shift your organizational culture from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

To get buy-in from your company’s senior managers, you must determine how a growth mindset could impact the business and its bottom line. Start by answering some questions: Do you understand what a growth mindset is and how it differs from a fixed mindset? What kind of goals do you need to establish to build a growth mindset culture? How will the cross-functional teams within the organization respond to a growth mindset? Can the organization and its people be challenged to create, innovate, and collaborate to give the company a competitive edge?

The Accenture Academy courses Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset, Learning Goals versus Performance Goals to Build a Growth Mindset Culture, and Impact of a Growth Mindset on Cross-functional Teams will help you answer these questions and show you how a growth mindset can help you succeed in developing a positive approach to building new skills in your career and work more effectively with teams.

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