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March 28, 2016
Application Management: SaaS demands a new approach
By: Saideep Raj

It seems a new service is born in the cloud every minute, providing previously unseen platforms for growth and opportunity. Built in the cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) holds out the promise of speed, agility and flexibility. And in today’s business world, those are all must-have qualities. But to take full advantage of cloud’s power and realize its promise, organizations need to adopt a new approach to how they manage applications.

With our Cloud First agenda, Accenture has supported hundreds of companies during their moves to the cloud. We’ve learned that working towards ‘go live’ is only part of the equation. What happens afterwards is just as important, if not more so. That means that the business and IT now need to work closely together to capture the value available as vendors continually evolve and update applications.

Achieving that requires a new, more agile mindset. Instead of seeking perfection from the get-go, this new approach is characterized by further embedding use of DevOps and automation, a willingness to accept ‘good enough’ and a commitment to improving and refining iteratively in response to a flow of updates and releases. That is not to say that SaaS bypasses critical steps; it does not. However, we’ve seen companies get far stronger ROI for many requirements that are better fine-tuned after production versus trying to predict implications in an artificial environment.

Effective SaaS application also demands new skills to complement this more agile approach. The most in-demand resources will straddle business and IT domains, and operate with equal comfort in both. Those people will be hard to come by, so organizations need to commit to training and recruiting the new skills they’ll need and/or working with third parties.

SaaS offers a compelling vision of scalable innovation and agility. But making the most of it requires organizational and operational change. And the time to start is now.

Learn more about our view on application management for SaaS.

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