March 06, 2014
Information and Expertise
By: Marjan Baghaie

The fourth post in this series is about information and expertise. How can retailers use social data to augment the value they provide to customers? Stores already train staff members to answer questions or introduce customers to new products; they also guide customers to new products through information displays, demonstrations, online reviews and more.

However, what’s missing for mass multinational retailers is the personal touch—the local shopkeeper mentality of yesterday where the store owner knew his customers’ names, as well as their family histories and hobbies, and could provide customized, one-to-one service. Big retailers have had difficulty replicating this experience at scale and a degradation of loyalty has been the result.

The smart use of social data can change this. Retailers can harness the power of advanced tools and technologies to provide customized information and expertise to each of their millions of customers.

The variety of customized services that could be provided, if the retailer is aware of a specific customer’s social life and taste graph, is only limited by imagination. Cross-channel service offerings could include: equipping staff members with customer profiles so they can treat customers accordingly; customizing online channels, recipes or recommendations based on the shopper buying profile; or creating personalized cross-merchandising suggestions based on analysis of what other people with the same taste profile have purchased.

How is your company capitalizing on social data to provide highly customized information and expertise to your customer base?

For more information about how information and expertise, as well as other areas of value, can be enhanced through social data, see Accenture’s point of view, “Unlocking Value from Social Data.”

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