March 08, 2014
An Approach for Social Data
By: Marjan Baghaie

It’s time for our sixth post in a series dedicated to the effective use of social data. This one revolves around the value area of customer service, which for our purposes we’ll define as the provision of service to customers, before, during and after a purchase, designed to enhance customer satisfaction.

A customer’s entire perception of a retailer could change based on the level and quality (or lack thereof) of customer service. That’s one reason it’s imperative to provide the best possible level of customer service—but that goal comes at a high operational cost. In many cases, as retailers expand, the quality and level of customer service can falter.

Fortunately, the intelligent use of social data can help retailers improve customer service without prohibitively increasing the cost of service. As one example, retailers could use social media channels to engage their customers in an open dialogue, logging customer suggestions or enabling peer-to-peer help.

Are you maximizing how your company uses social data to deliver customer service and improve the customer experience? For more information about how customer service and other areas of value can be enhanced through social data, see Accenture’s point of view, “Unlocking Value from Social Data.”

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