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May 22, 2019
Aligning development operations (DevOps) with user experience (UX) design
By: Craig Simpkins

How User Experience Can Improve Your Company’s Reputation

You have accepted a new position in an organization that has struggled with development operations (DevOps) in the past. The opportunity is exciting, as you bring many years of experience in aligning the DevOps process with user experience (UX) design. You are ready to help the organization achieve its goals and strategic objectives.

The first 90 days on the job makes it evident that the leadership has not driven the DevOps mind-set in the organization. The culture is still reflective of a silo-based, decentralized, and fragmented approach to the design process. Unsurprisingly, the organization is focused on profitability and does not seek feedback from the UX community when designing the overall product or service.

Your first task after observing the existing operating philosophy of the organization is to present a plan on aligning the DevOps process with the UX design. The presentation was painful for the leadership team to accept, as the emphasis placed on driving the right mindset, culture, collaboration, and clearly defined roles and responsibilities was uncomfortable for them to hear. You also discussed the importance of involving UX in the DevOps process.

The meeting concluded by introducing the concept of agile development and how teams need to work together throughout the process and how technology can help with real-time feedback, time to market, delivery of defect-free products and services, and processing of customer feedback.

So, how prepared are you to align the DevOps process with UX design within your organization? Does your organization utilize user feedback to drive DevOps? The Accenture Academy courses Evolution of the Development Operations (DevOps) Process, Importance of Development Operations (DevOps), User Experience (UX) Design, and Agile Development, Leveraging the Phases and Tools of Development Operations (DevOps), and Best Practices to Overcome Challenges in the Development Operations (DevOps) Process will help you and your organization shorten the time to market for new or modified products, improve quality through the use of integrated systems that facilitate collaborative testing, correct any gaps in testing in an expedited manner, and overall improve the time it takes to correct a defect and have a modified product in the hands of the user community.

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