Lola Olaore
Lola Olaore
Technology Analyst
November 02, 2017

Aiming to Change the World for Future Generations

Technology Analyst Lola Olaore is inspired to impact the future for generations to come after representing Accenture at the 2017 One Young World (OYW) Summit in Bogotá, Colombia. She shares her thoughts on her passions and the thrill of being part of a group of inspirational, innovative young leaders who are leading in the new.

Through the variety of corporate and nonprofit work I do, I find it fulfilling that I am working for a purpose and contributing my time and skills to those who need it the most. I dedicate my time to a variety of charitable organizations, equipping young adults with 21st century job skills and teaching English to refugees. I have also joined the Accenture Technology Analyst Group Corporate Citizenship team.

When I was selected to attend OYW, I was over the moon. I called my family first to tell them the exciting news that I would be representing Accenture among like-minded individuals who want to create a better world for future generations.

The people I met at the summit are second to none. Some of these delegates/counselors focused on an issue or have been through an intense journey, whether it be a war or other crisis. Through their experiences, they found the strength to create amazing organizations to tackle serious issues so that those who come after them will not have to face the same. My OYW network will last a lifetime.

OYW Delegates

Many speakers touched my heart, but what stuck with me most were the panel discussions around education, such as, “What can prepare young people for jobs that don’t exist yet?” I am passionate about this topic, and it was interesting to hear what the plenary delegate speakers were doing in their local and wider communities to ensure that young people are equipped and ready for jobs of the future. They’re using online courses, social groups and even chatbots. The message I took away was that no matter how young you are, you can have an impact—if you make a start.

One of the best parts of the summit for me was participating in (Accenture’s Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer) Ellyn Shook’s Inclusion Starts With I presentation. After we watched the video, the silence was deafening. And then there were tears, as people in the crowd related to the messages in the video, followed by clapping and people hugging each other as they sat down to write their commitment to inclusion and diversity.

To me, Inclusion Starts With I means taking that step to understand people around you. It means including everyone in the conversation and ensuring everyone has a seat at the table—no matter their culture, upbringing, faith or disability.

Lola Commitment

As an OYW delegate, I wanted to get inspired, and I have been. The overall message I took away was that if there’s a problem, I need to find a solution and solve it. No matter how small or big the issue is, I should do my part and contribute to positive change.

Now that I am a OYW Ambassador, I want to continue equipping the next generation with 21st century skills to ensure they are employable, as many jobs of the future have not even been created yet. This is going to be an exciting journey; it feels great to be part of the group of 8,000-plus ambassadors who are aiming to change the world. I can’t wait until 2018 to see the impact I will make.

“Remember, we are the agent to change.”
–Kofi Annan

Be yourself and make a difference for future generations with a career at Accenture.

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VV • October 18, 2017

Definitely. Inclusion should be one of the most important principles for multinational companies, glad Accenture is leading the way. VV,

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