October 08, 2015
Grab an AWS re:Invent energy drink and get on board the As-A-Service economy
By: Keith Lippiatt

If you recently hitched a ride (without hailing a taxi) or booked a place to crash out of town for a few nights (without going through a travel agent), you may have participated in the As-A-Service economy.

Those are just a couple ground-level examples of how two companies—Uber and Airbnb, to be more specific – essentially came out of nowhere to totally disrupt entire industries.

Both businesses share a handful of common denominators: They were “born” in the cloud, which imparts tremendous advantages, and their infrastructure is delivered to them seamlessly, as-a-service.

Here at AWS re:Invent 2015 in Las Vegas, the energy and buzz emanating around these and other forces shaping tomorrow’s business is palpable (to be sure, putting 19,000 people under the same roof for a few days in the desert tends to produce a lot of energy).

We’ve been ramping up our presence here for good reasons: It’s clear businesses of all shapes and sizes increasingly want to, need to leverage the cloud to grow and gain competitive edge. Not doing so is not really an option.

Our clients tell us every day they’re under incredible pressure to find new ways to create value, achieve desired outcomes and innovate amid fixed or shrinking resources—do more with less, in other words.

What do we tell them? Put your chips on the As-A-Service model, because it flexibly and securely delivers accelerated innovation, reduced costs and increased revenue (read more about how our upgraded Accenture Cloud Platform can make that happen).

Embracing the As-A-Service economy is crucial for the digital business’ growth and prosperity. It’s time to get on board.

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