September 05, 2017
Advice for Women in Technology: Go for It
By: Jayne Ng

I attribute a significant part of my career growth at Accenture to the leaders at the company who have empowered me to take charge and drive innovative projects. It’s like working in a close-knit family, where people are easily accessible so you can learn, build credibility and specialize.

I pursued a technology career because I think it’s cool! After all, tech is prevalent in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Plus, I’m outspoken. I like helping people develop professionally, and I have a non-hierarchical approach to leadership. At Accenture, I’ve experienced a ‘no-fear’ environment where I can be myself. While stereotypes about women’s abilities and the difficulty of balancing family roles can keep women from pursuing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), I believe more women can and should contribute their unique perspectives to the technology industry.

Before I joined Accenture in 2013, I was a developer with another company, specializing in financial and banking software development using a third-generation programming language. Accenture recruited me for a core banking project because of this experience. Since then, however, I’ve had the opportunity to expand my skills, working with different types of technology, such as data warehousing and OpenText enterprise content management software.

The best career decision I’ve made so far was accepting an assignment as a functional consultant in Thailand for a banking client based in Singapore. Not only was the work completely different from my previous programming background, but I also was given the responsibility to lead the project and manage five workstreams. I learned so much from that project! It also broadened and diversified my professional network, because my teammates were from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

My advice to women considering a STEM career is: Go for it. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and move out of your comfort zone. Prioritize what’s important to you, because at the end of the day, you want to live with no regrets.

Looking for a tech career where you can expand your skills and be your best self? Explore your options now with Accenture Technology.

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        Elisandra Silva • October 10, 2017

        I totally agree with you Jayne! And it's really gratifying seeing powerful women like you sharing your story and being an inspiration to us.

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