May 11, 2016
Adding sparks to an export business
By: Pierre A. David

After five years of experience in international freight forwarding, you have recently been hired as the export manager by a US-based manufacturer of electric welders. Your mission is to improve its export sales.

The company has been underperforming at export over the past few years. Despite selling a product that is technically superior to its foreign competitors’ products, your company has only achieved modest sales in countries where growth has been significant. In contrast, your European and Asian competitors have been quite successful.

A month later, you attend a trade show to gauge the way your company’s products are perceived. After a few conversations with potential customers and distributors, you are convinced that your products are well designed and correctly priced for export. However, you realize that the likely causes for your company’s lack of success are the export policies that your company has adopted, which your customers find too constraining. 

There are a number of questions you need to address:

  • What changes in export policies are likely to be attractive enough to increase export sales?

  • At what costs will these policy changes be implemented?

  • How will these policy changes affect your company’s risk and exposure?

  • What impact will these policy changes have on your export sales?

As the export manager, you know it is your responsibility to find answers to these issues so your company can improve its competitive position in export markets. Most important, you have to ensure you do not increase your company’s export risk and exposure, as profit margins are thin in that industry.

How do you go about implementing changes in the system and procedures in your company that will enable you to build a competitive advantage? The Accenture Academy course "Building a Competitive Advantage in International Logistics" allows you to identify the changes that can be made to your export policies so your products can gain market share abroad. Some changes can be implemented relatively quickly, while others are long term. Collectively, they will allow your company to build a competitive advantage by following solid international logistics practices.

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