November 26, 2018
Blogging beyond DevOps
By: Adam Burden

During the past few years, we have used this blog as a space championing the benefits that DevOps brings to the enterprise. Now, as this space matures, Accenture is broadening this discussion to encompass all facets of software engineering. Software engineers have been called more valuable than money to companies, so we think that’s an important inflection point in how the different disciplines of this space are valued for the future of business. And, consequently, highly deserving of its own blog.

Why change now?

The field of DevOps has matured from automating the software delivery pipeline to one which has changed the way systems are conceived, deployed and maintained. In addition, there has been a surge in technology innovation across the spectrum of software engineering: new languages, disruptive platforms, changing methodology and entirely new concepts. It’s an exciting time to be working in this industry—and not just because of unprecedented demand for bespoke applications as enterprises transform to become more digital businesses. We’re calling this era the “renaissance of custom.” It’s as if the art of custom is back and we’ve entered a period of enlightenment—building unique engaging experiences for partners, customers and employees. Moving forward, the Accenture Software Engineering blog will still cover DevOps, but also broader topics shaping and reshaping this field.

Our upcoming focus

The direction is to move toward a deeper focus on innovation for competitive advantage and highly personalized new experiences, leveraging new business environments and ways of working.

We aim to:

  1. Discuss advancements, demand trends and updates in software engineering areas such as no-code and low-code systems, new techniques for modernization and cloud migration, approaches for development of intelligent (AI) systems, revolutionary architecture patterns, reliability engineering, innovation in testing and emerging technologies, including blockchain and AR, as well as new methodologies for constructing the systems of tomorrow.
  2. Highlight insights from our experience with clients innovating and scaling in this space.
  3. Examine how the industry evolution and creation of new talent opportunities will help us make better decisions.

Many thanks for your ongoing support—we appreciate your loyal readership and participation. Exciting times are ahead! We look forward to continuing to share our enthusiasm for DevOps and software engineering.

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