July 29, 2014
Acing your job application
By: Accenture Recruitment

Completing job applications can be tedious -- and knowing what a recruiter is looking for can sometimes seem as clear as mud. Should you include your college transcript? Letters of recommendation? White papers and presentations? Selfies from the Great Wall of China? Read on for tips from some of Accenture’s most experienced recruiters.

Tip 1: Stick with the basics. Unless the application specifically asks for additional information, simply include your resume and cover letter. If an employer needs to check references, past employment or professional certifications, it will. These steps typically take place once you're about to receive an offer, and you'll usually get the request by phone.

Tip 2: Clearly label your resume and cover letter. "Jane Doe Resume" and "Jane Doe Cover Letter" are better than "Jane Doe 1," "Jane Doe 2" or "doej.docx". Make it easy for recruiters to find your information, and you'll increase your chances of receiving serious consideration.

Tip 3: Don’t include personal information. There's a time and place to share your outside interests with co-workers. In your application, however, you don't need to tell us your marital status, children's names, religious or political affiliation or hobbies. Recruiters want to make sure you have the right skills and experiences for the job. We might ask if you're willing to relocate or if you're authorized to work in a certain location, but that's about as personal we'll need to get.

Tip 4: Cover your bases. Make sure you attach and copy/paste your resume and cover letter on the form, in case a document gets corrupted when it is uploaded.

Accenture is always looking for top talent to join our team. Take a look through our job postings, find the opportunities that fit your skills and interests, and apply online today.

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