November 04, 2016
The Accenture Strategy Global Case Challenge – a truly valuable experience
By: Vitor Elias Pereira

“An altogether incredible experience. Especially because of the care and thought that went into our training and made the whole experience so valuable.”

In Brazil, some universities don’t allocate time for internships until your final year. So how does someone in my position (second year of study) get the experience they’re looking for? My answer was the Accenture Strategy Global Case Challenge.

I had seen posters around my university in São Paulo advertising the competition. I thought it would be a good opportunity to find out what strategy consulting is really like, while also getting to meet interesting people. I hadn’t realised just how valuable the experience would be.

The thing that stood out for me was Accenture Strategy’s involvement. People seemed to genuinely want to get involved, from analysts and consultants right up to Accenture Strategy MDs and leadership. From day one we had a mentor from the business who supported us in developing workable solutions, and we also had access to Accenture Strategy MDs. As I progressed through the national section and onto the global final in London, the focus on development became even more pronounced.

We were joined by other students from Italy, Spain, Germany and Japan, and we were all mixed up into teams. Working closely with students from other parts of the world, who spoke different languages and thought about things from different points of view, was quite challenging. But Accenture helped by providing training on teamwork and collaboration, along with a mentor whose role was to ensure we worked well together.

We were also given a training session on mindfulness. It was delivered by an external consultant and I have to say I think it will stay with me throughout my career. It was truly eye-opening. I kept all the speaker notes and, even now, back in Brazil, I often refer to those notes as part of my studies.

Again, it was the thought and attention to detail that Accenture Strategy put into the Global Case Challenge that made the experience so special. And it’s why I wholeheartedly encourage others to take part. Put simply, if you’re someone who isn’t afraid of a challenge and loves to be inspired by the people around you, you won’t find a better opportunity.

Read more about the Accenture Strategy Global Case Challenge.

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