January 20, 2014
Accenture Big Data Service Platform helps enterprises dig out big data values
By: ATL Smart Grid Big Data Team

On Dec. 2th, 2013, an international seminar on “Big Data Technology and Applications” was held by Accenture Resource OG and Technology Labs’ Smart Grid Team at Accenture Technology Labs - Beijing. Executives and technical experts from some major utility clients in China attended the seminar. The major theme of the seminar was “How to apply the big data technology to serve utility’s business”.

Accenture Technology Labs introduced the key big data technologies, demonstrated Accenture Big Data Services Platform capabilities such as data management, process, and analysis, and showcased the latest progress in big data applications. Accenture Big Data Service Platform leverages existing data resources to provide on-demand data services for business analysis applications and decision-making. The platform is based on advanced Hadoop technical architecture, and utilized big data analysis and data mining technologies such as distributed computing, stream computing, complex event processing and so on, to help enterprises get the values from the data.

Core capabilities of Accenture Big Data Service Platform including:

  • Heterogeneous data integration: Integrate the data with different characteristics from a variety of data sources, efficiently process and analyze the data including structured, unstructured, time series, and geo-spatial information data.

  • Unified data modeling: Achieve unified data organization and management, and provide a unique data view for all the applications.

  • Distributed computing: Batch data processing for large-scale of datasets, save computational time and improve computational efficiency.

  • Real time data/event stream processing: Real time data stream computing, real time event stream association analysis and processing.

  • On-demand data analysis service for business applications: Leverage big data techniques, combine industry expertise to analyze the data and build domain analysis models, to provide Analytic-ready service for business applications.

MIT SENSEable City Lab, Accenture’s R&D partner, gave a presentation on the topic of “Urban Big City”. The presentation highlighted the importance of data visualization in big data analytics, and emphasized that the visualization technology can help companies to discover the hidden problems and obtain new business opportunities.

At the end of the seminar there was an open discussion on “how to leverage big data technology to support utility’s business applications”. The questions about big data that the audiences were most concerned include: “For the business applications that have been developed based on the traditional analytical approaches, such as OMS (Outage Management System), whether it is necessary to use the big data methods? What differences can the big data analytics bring to us?” “At which stage of the data analysis should the visualization analytics being applied? Before conducting the data analytics or after the analysis model being determined?” “Comparing the big data analysis with the traditional data analysis, what are the technical skill requirements for big data analyst?”…

To address the questions concerned by our clients, Accenture and MIT experts believe that the traditional data analytics approach usually analyzes the data after data analysis models have been built, but because the incomplete collection of information due to the technical limitations, the analysis models often have to be simplified. In the era of big data with 4V (Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Value) characteristics, we may carry out a complete collection of information, organization and management, understand “what's going on” by the visualization technology, and then build the analysis models based on the problems discovered by the visualization. Big Data analysis generally requires four types of professionals: business experts, data scientists, data analysts and IT engineers.

Through this seminar, our clients have a deeper understanding of the tremendous value the big data could provide. Accenture’s big data service capabilities are highly appraised by the seminar audiences. It also helps us better understand client’s major challenges of utilizing big data technology to resolve business problems, so that we can provide our clients with high performance technical consulting services.

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