February 21, 2019
Accenture Adversary Simulation Service: Fueled by iDefense Threat Intelligence
By: Shawn Duffy and Rob Coderre

To drastically improve its ability to detect, respond and prevent threats, an organization would need to step into the ring with a realistic sparring partner whose objective is to break into that organization’s network, target a business process, and/or achieve a specific objective. Clients hire Accenture’s FusionX Advanced Adversary Team to be that sparring partner who tests organizations’ abilities to protect their networks, operations and data.

The Advanced Adversary Team combines industry-leading research and development capabilities with iDefense Threat Intelligence and deep cross-industry experience to simulate relevant threats, evaluate client incident response (IR) capabilities, help security operations teams prepare for worst-case scenarios and take cyber resilience to the next level of maturity and effectiveness.

Utilizing iDefense Threat Intelligence 

The Advanced Adversary Team utilizes iDefense Threat Intelligence to build industry-and client-relevant adversary simulation exercises. iDefense intelligence is used to identify and mimic the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of specific threat actors or threat groups of interest, and the campaigns they execute against similar organizations in the client’s geographic area or industry. This intelligence input allows the FusionX team to customize its simulation efforts to each client’s specific needs to help clients learn how to better protect themselves from relevant attacks and attackers.

A realistic adversary and objective for each simulation is identified and FusionX customizes an attack campaign, including the type of malware and attack vector and/or exploit to use to achieve the objective of the exercise and test the client’s ability to respond to threats. At the end of the exercise, the team develops a report with key findings and improvement suggestions for the client to deploy across its organization, allowing clients to evaluate whether their security teams are properly tooled and resourced to defend against even the most sophisticated attackers.

The Advanced Adversary Team creates and runs tailored attack simulation exercises based on real-life scenarios by tapping into iDefense Threat Intelligence, which provides:

  • Access to over 300 million analyzed malware samples.

  • Availability of regional and industry-specific threat intelligence to drive relevancy of exercises.

  • Access to thousands of current and historical threat actors and groups, their TTPs and associated indicators of compromise.

  • Visibility into thousands of organizations targeted by threat actors and how they were targeted.

  • Deep adversary intelligence to support the creation and selection of relevant adversary simulation exercises.

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