June 15, 2018
Accelerating enterprise-wide artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve a competitive edge
By: Dennis Foster

Today, enterprises are in a real-time race to beat their competitors at discovering customers’ preferences, when customers will buy, and what they are thinking before they buy, whether in store or online.

Tier-1 organizations are typically those that supply components such as car seats, electronic modules and windows directly to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). To become and remain competitive in this highly competitive environment, many are introducing artificial intelligence (AI), which is having a huge impact on business performance.

Tier-1 organizations are applying enterprise-wide big data analytics and agile business intelligence solutions to create a platform that significantly improves enterprise-level knowledge while enabling and accelerating predictive analytics on a global scale.

Supported by AI, a range of global service capabilities in tier-1 companies is being enhanced. Solving challenges such as package preparation while simultaneously managing volume growth and retailers’ expectations ensures service improvements to customers across all areas of the business.

AI accelerates the use of data analytics, providing limitless potential for improved value creation. Optimizing supply chain visibility and transparency or creating more personalization products that meet customer expectations are among the many benefits of AI. Enterprises that have made AI a strategic priority have ultimately created a more distinct competitive edge.

Today, there are many companies trying to figure out the reality of AI versus the hype so that they can begin or accelerate their own journey. For these companies, it’s still a significant challenge to begin the AI journey. Many firms also have concerns over technology selection, cost, integration, privacy, security and regulatory challenges.

These challenges are not unique to AI. They are many of the same challenges that have existed in the widespread effort to adopt, use, and benefit from analytics and machine learning (ML) initiatives. Many enterprises are adopting AI to optimize internal processes, enhance operations, improve customer service and deliver significantly improved financial outcomes.

AI is a repeatable business process. The business process undertaken manually today may apply AI with machine learning to refine, improve, learn and strengthen every process in the future.

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