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January 17, 2019

7 Trends Shaping Business, Technology and Design

The last two decades spurned rapid technology growth and innovation—and generated an enormous amount of digital and physical clutter.

This year, it’s time for some serious spring cleaning.

Skilling up to redesign the world
Virtually everything is ripe for redesign—which opens tremendous career opportunities. We’re preparing our people with the skills they need to succeed as they reinvent the future.

And as we think more deeply about the behavior of organizations—from data misuse to plastic waste—we’re analyzing the impact of our brand choices on ourselves, our communities and our planet. That means brands and organizations need to think more carefully about their choices, too.

The Fjord Trends 2019 report, compiled by more than 1,000 global leaders and experts from Fjord, design and innovation from Accenture Interactive, takes a deep dive into what’s ahead for business, technology and design.

The seven trends below predict how we’ll measure success in 2019, by focusing on what’s relevant and valuable not just to individuals, but to the world.

  1. Silence is gold. How to be heard by consumers who want quiet in a noisy world. As consumers put up more barriers between themselves and digital technologies, organizations must learn how to offer value—in a “quieter,” less intrusive way—and with a focus on quality instead of quantity.

  2. The last straw? Enough is enough; people expect products and services to have built-in sustainability. Issues like global warming and pollution used to seem “too big to do anything about,” but now we’ve seen the real effects—and it’s personal. In 2019, it won’t be enough for organizations to simply acknowledge environmental concerns; people expect commitment to be proven through action.

  3. Data minimalism. People and organizations disagree on the value of personal data. As customers’ trust in the way organizations gather and use their data has waned, transparency is key. Expect a shift from “data maximalism” to “data minimalism” as organizations begin to focus on collecting only the data they need for their products and services.

  4. Ahead of the curb. Combat urban mobility clutter with ecosystems that meet real-time needs. The lines have blurred between public and private transportation, passenger transit and item delivery, creating a free-for-all that has led to urban service clutter and a fragmented user experience. Expect organizations to begin to consolidate mobility services within a single ecosystem built on real-time needs.

  5. The inclusivity paradox. Making the move from demographics to mindsets. By trying to be more inclusive, organizations risk inadvertently excluding some. What about the voices that haven’t been picked up by data or don’t fit the traditional groups? To be effectively inclusive, organizations must get better at knowing their audiences.

  6. Space odyssey. It’s time to rethink our approaches and tools for designing spaces. Digital technology has dramatically changed our needs in the physical world. This year, expect a wave of change in office and retail environments, and all the spaces in between.

  7. Synthetic realities. Capitalizing on the creative possibilities of a new reality. New types of “realities”—most often generated by artificial intelligence (AI)—are becoming more normalized in 2019, but they’re also blurring the line between authenticity and truth. Using simulations, companies can offer new ways to educate people on AI systems—and even outline opportunities for synthetic reality to make us better humans in the real world.

Join a team that’s leading the charge to “clear the digital clutter”—and reinvent the future with the work you do every day. Find your fit with Accenture.

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