Aidan Quilligan
Managing Director, Industry X.0 Global Lead, Manchester, U.K
January 10, 2019

5 Technologies to Embrace in the Digital Era

Digital Reinvention

Digital reinvention is happening everywhere.

Companies that combine the right digital technologies and analyze value-triggers will successfully maximize value from digital investments.

To get the selection and adoption process right, an actionable roadmap and a thorough assessment of the technology landscape are critical.

Accenture’s Delivering Digital Dividends report outlines the external triggers (talent readiness, capital adequacy, ecosystem maturity, adoption intensity and value potential) that will help unlock value from the new technologies being adopted.

So, what are the advanced digital technologies necessary to transform businesses? They include:

  • 1) Big data analytics. Harnessing the power of data creates new perspectives and illuminates new possibilities. Big Data technologies can use real-time data to identify root causes of performance issues within a company’s most complex assets.

  • 2) Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the relationship between people and technology—and it has tremendous potential. Thanks to its widespread industrial applicability and cross-sector adoption opportunities, there are significant opportunities for value creation in both products and experiences.

  • 3) Blockchain. Blockchain offers significant top-line growth and cost savings. For example, when data is shared and distributed using a blockchain in an industry like freight and logistics, the technology speeds up the entire flow of documents, simplifies data amendments, streamlines the checks required for cargo and reduces the burden and risk of penalties for customs compliance levied on customers.

  • 4) Immersive experiences (augmented, virtual and mixed reality). These technologies are merging the physical and virtual world—offering entirely new ways for people to experience the world. Companies can engage customers and employees at deeper, more meaningful levels.

  • 5) Robotics. Across a variety of industries, there is a need for technology that can improve productivity and eliminate repetitive, labor-intensive tasks. Combining robotics with technologies such as AI can establish frameworks for optimizing a company’s operations.

Are you building the skills you need?
As organizations analyze their digital dividends and their talent pool, it’s more imperative than ever that you are embracing and building the skills you need to lead businesses—and your career—into the New.

Are you ready to innovate and lead the world’s leading companies on their journey to digital reinvention? Find your next career opportunity with Accenture.

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